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Welcome home dinner for daughter

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My daughter just got back from 3 months at the Dept of Defense National Fire Academy at Goodfellow AFB

in San Angelo , Tx. She is now a certified firefighter and paramedic for DoD . We are all more than proud of her.

She was the only women in a class of over 20 , as well as being the oldest at 33. Everyone else in class were

you men in their late teens to early twenties fresh out of boot camp from one of the military branches. She

did everything physically that they did with no short cuts , and always finished in the top half as well as top 5%

in the class room work. There was over a 50% washout rate.


So after 100 days of lousy meals she requested a special first night home dinner. Prime Tri-Tips with board sauce

grilled on the  KK 23" , New Mexico green chili cheese corn casserole , grilled asparagus and romaine lettuce ,

and finally homemade lemon and shortbread cookie ice cream . We've never seen her eat that much . 


Again we are all very proud of her , glad to have her home. Here is picture of her training ( she is in the front on the hose )

as well as some of the tri-tips with board sauce.


thumbnail-1 7.53.32 PM.jpeg



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