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Hands down the best pizza in the world!

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Sorry about the slightly out of focus picture.  I was so excited after eating my first piece.  We finally made it back to Padova in Italy yesterday.  For our first bite to eat The Husband chose one of his favourite bars.  I was less impressed and was planning to say "I told you so" after we chomped our way through some sub standard polpette.  And then the mini pizza that we had ordered arrived.  The bar tender had recommended it.  Wow.  Wonderful, hot pizza base topped with cold stracciatella and crudo.  Sooooo happy to be back.  

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3 hours ago, Pequod said:

Dreaming of a day when we’re allowed to leave our own borders and experience such as this... 😪😷

Be careful what you wish for.  We are super happy to see our friends and to be enjoying a relaxed time in this lovely town.  However, with that enjoyment comes a concern that we could be vectors for disease, picked up on the plane here or as we wander round our old haunts.  We are taking precautions but I certainly feel the weight of responsibility.

Having said that, I don't think I will ever forget the sheer happiness of standing outdoors eating that pizza off a window ledge with drops of cold cheese that I missed dropping on the ground by my feet.  

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Today we returned to the bar and were introduced to a new variant that we were told was even better: stracciatella, speck, figs and balsamic vinegar.  We had to try both, side by side to see what we thought.  They were both good.  May have to go back to check again tomorrow.


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It's a draw.  The Husband prefers the speck, stracciatella, fig and balsamic pizza and I prefer the crudo and stracciatella pizza.  I am not keen on round food touching square food and that is what the sweetness of fig next to smoked bacon feels like to me.  

One of our Padovadan friends knows Dario Cecchini, the Tuscan butcher who was featured on Netflix.  Apparently Dario is a very nice person and it is a pleasure to visit his restaurant in Panzano.  We had the Cecchini experience here in Padova yesterday.  Our friend ordered a box of goodies from the Panzono store and we had the opportunity to try some Tuscan specialities last night.  Delicious.  Great to be back, breaking bread with friends even though it was pointed out that I had bought the WRONG bread for Tuscan food! 


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