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New Improved Cold Smoker Bracket

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It seems one would need to install the cold smoker sleeve into older KKs to take advantage of the new bracket. I know Dennis offered these at one time, but I don't see them in the parts or accessory section. They came in two sizes, depending upon your tile size. I'd like to get one for my 23KK instead of using the guru port. I think one would also need the straight smoker tube instead of the original bent tube which was designed for the guru port location (lower on the KK body).

Dennis, do you still make these available?

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13 hours ago, Gym P said:

Is this only for newer grills ?   I have a 10 year old 23


As @jonj said, there's more to it as a retrofit for older KKs. The newer ones have a separate port for the smoker, so you can use the smoke and the Guru (or similar) at the same time. This bracket is an upgrade for the newer smoker port. You can, if you're adventurous enough, install the second port in an older KK. Involves removing some tiles and boring a hole in the side of the KK, installing the new port tube and sealing it back up. And, as previously noted, the bent tube on the cold smoker needs to be replaced with the straight tube. It's all do-able, if you want to put in the effort and $$ for the upgrade. 

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