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19 hours ago, tony b said:

It's been done

I'd like to know who did it and find out where they sourced the tiles!  The tile size/source that Dennis currently uses has been tried and tested for fit (I imagine his staff have a way of reliably turning out good looking KKs based on a known pattern for each KK) and for weight (to ensure springs etc work as they have been designed).  I spent about a month last year trying to hunt down a company with tiles of the size that Dennis specified.  When I finally found one company with the right size here in the UK, it turned out that they imported them from the exact same tile factory that Dennis uses in Indonesia.  I smiled and gave up at that point.

That said, I would be interested in knowing if anyone else has indeed managed to find the right size tiles/had a custom build from @DennisLinkletter 

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@tekobo - what I was referring to was, back in the day, Dennis had a much broader color palette of choices to pick from. I think that he still has access to some of those, even though he doesn't routinely use them due to lack of demand. Also, if you want a specific pattern - multi-color zig-zag or "racing stripe." He can do those, too. It just means waiting longer for them to schedule the production, plus I'm sure that there's a surcharge for the extra labor? 


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I believe I have more tile choices today at one time than I've ever had and because we now  sort for  uniformity most tiles have 3-4 different versions.  Tile colors go in and out of fashion, basically what colors  designers are using in bathrooms, kitchens and pool areas.  I can use most 25 or 28mm glazed ceramic tiles.. no glass tiles.  For 18 months, all grills have been built to order,  the tweed patterns do not take longer or cost more than the tile version used. 
We still do the odd ball tiles from time to time...
Did these three in the last 6 months or so..




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