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What's in the box?

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   Something Monty Hall would say on "Let's Make a Deal," but this is a guess so scroll down to the first pic without going beyond and venture a guess as to what BBQ item it might hold. Secondly, you'll notice on the box a centered plaque stating, Nationwide On your side, tell us what year that jingle or slogan came out (originated) to place you in the genius column. No cheating. The last pic is self explanatory and I finally found a home for him, came from a seaside restaurant in Maine that had closed.
   Does anyone have anything like this, I found them on the huge side of things? The price was right (that's another show) they were free. If it's free, it's for me.




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To bad we weren't play poker, the three of you couldn't beat a pair. I'll try and dumb down the approach next time seeing we have a limited audience. heh heh

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54 minutes ago, Tucker said:

The Nationwide slogan was introduced in the mid-60's.

Tucker, like always your scope of trivia remains untarnished, it was actually 1965.


2 hours ago, Poochie said:

I don't know how to do the polka

That's obvious, it involves more than two steps 

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