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23" KK Face LIft

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Hey Everyone

Been a long while since I have been on. If you dont remember I was the fortunate one that bought a 23 KK for $250 and worked with Dennis over multi month period in redoing a log of the grout/tile work to bring it back to life. I have since moved and getting ready to start work on outdoor patio with a corner dedicated to my cookers (23 KK, 250Gallon offset, and a soon to be Brick Pizza oven). Color scheme for the oven, offset, and the countertop will be black with grey pavers/tiles. My KK is currently bronze tile but was thinking of using the KB high heat coating I use on my other smoker builds to paint it black followed by multiple layers high heat clear. 

Anyone have experience with painting mosaic tiles? I have used this paint with great success on everything else but never tile.



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Finally got around to face loft on KK. I was able to get it over to my house and started prepping the tiles. I had to replace some on stack that I didnt do when rebuilding the grill (see hammered KK thread).

Sanded whole thing down with 80 grit to give some texture for paint to stick to. Taped off all SS and sprayed with hvlp. Paint used is charcoal metallic high heat from KBS coatings. Ill hit it with a high heat clear as well tomorrow


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Nice job! One thing, do you plan to put some kind of covering over the KK and countertops? That's a LOT of black out in the sun. I see that thing getting seriously hot in the summer. Probably hot enough to burn someone. My Autumn Nebula gets pretty warm sometimes and it's not nearly as dark as this one. 

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On 3/8/2024 at 11:25 AM, golfpro2301 said:

Im building pergola over it soon

That will fix both problems hopefully. While getting a cover for your KK is important to protect it from the weather when it's not in use, it won't solve the problem of the KK getting crazy hot in the sun while you're cooking on it. 

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