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Sunnier days

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   This summer it's been pretty dark in the yard with all the trees blocking out the sun, so much so moss replaced the lawn. The trees were  quite large, 80 ft tall and had such a wide canopy it was hard to find the sun. They were so large they became dangerous to the cooking and dining areas so something had to be done. The experts were called in and it was decided that 20 trees had to go to open the yard to make things sunnier and make things safer. Some trees begin growing side by side very young and look fantastic, however after a good amount of years they grow into each other and develop a V-shape, they begin to push on each other at their base causing them to angle away from each other. This becomes dangerous because they are no longer straight but angled and it has to addressed. An 80 ton crane a large chipper and a experienced crew made easy work of it. The climber was lowered into each tree where he would tie off approx 1/3 of the top of the tree and slice it off for the crane to bring it to the chipper. It was an all day process, the work was constant and intense except for the break at lunch when brisket subs were served. It was amazing to watch, it's a job where you have to be knowledgeable, trusting of those around you and quick on your feet and develop a 6th sense 








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