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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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That's better, Secret Agent. :) What we'd expect from a Taterhead, such as yourself. :wink:

I gotta say, that fish looked pretty wimpy. And were those store bought baguettes? Oooh, the shame!

That little shelf in the back looks like it's just the ticket. Well done.

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Pork shoulder

Meat: 7.5lb Pork Shoulder

Brine: None

Rub: Dizzy Dust original

Fuel: KKEC

Smoke: Jack Daniels

Method: Indirect, Main Grill

Rotisserie: No

Pit Temp: 220

Pull Temp: 195

Time: About 24 hours

Draft Control: Stoker + StokerLog

Tried out a pork shoulder. The meat came out much more moist and flavorful compared to the loin I tried before. My wife liked it a lot better, I'm a bit torn since I found some parts to be a bit greasier than the loin was. Either way it was still delicious with some more Carolina Red sauce.


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I'm a bit torn since I found some parts to be a bit greasier than the loin was.

Get yourself a chuck roll (beef) and give that a try. The same soft moist meat as a butt, but not as greasy (IMHO). The chuck roll is huge, so you might want to cut it in half and freeze part before you cook it.

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Chicken and sweet potatoes

Mixed apple cider vinegar, a little grapeseed oil, with some fresh rosemary, oregano and thyme in the magic bullet. Poured it under the skin into the breasts and thighs, and let it marinate in the fridge for a couple hours before cooking. Cooked at 375-400 with peach wood. Add the potatoes when the chicken is half cooked.




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Grilled Swordfish

Okay, I have some reservations about posting this, since you guys lit up my buddy Fetz about his fish pics a few posts ago. Maybe it was the breadsticks that drew your ire?? Maybe mine will be acceptable since I have evidence of substantial fire under mine?? Anyway, here was tonights "lazy and fast" cook.

I did a couple of swordfish steaks for the wife and I and a piece of salmon for the boys. I thought it best to hedge my bets with something i know they like, rather than argue to get them to eat the swordfish (which they ended up liking anyway). For the fish, I blended the following in the magic bullet:

A few Tbsp EVOO

About the same amount of lemon juice

about half as much light soy

a teaspoon or two of dijon mustard

a few cloves of garlic

about 10 basil leaves from the garden

A sprig of oregano from the garden

I poured it over the fish and let it marinate about 45 minutes, while i lit the grill, and got the rest of dinner ready. Once the grill was searing hot, I grilled them for about 4-5 mins per side, until done. After flipping, i spooned some of the marinade mixture back on the cooked side.

This was a nice layer of flavors for the swordfish. I usually just hit them with coarse salt and pepper, and cook them just like a steak, but this was a nice change. Served over a salad - the healthiest meal i have had in ages :P




And this...is the first post from my 4 year old. The camera was on the table between us, and he decided he needed to take a picture of his plate too. Enjoy. I'll see if I can coach him on his technique and the use of macro :wink:


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Y'know, I felt pretty bad about that reply to Fetz, He's a great guy. And far be it for me to criticize anybodies meal. I don't blame him if he "flew me the bird" for that! This looks fantastic by the way! even though I'm a red meat monger, I always try to order seafood when I'm dining out(which is seldom). Great work FM(you too Fetz)!

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Looks good, FM. You know, it wasn't so much the fish on the grill that was the problem with Secret Agent's post. Those little fish sticks in a bowl seemed so... so... well, anyway, they didn't seem grillworthy, if you know what I mean. :happy8:

Yah, and the breadsticks. :wink:

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Surf and Turf

No baskets here... :P

Lobster tail was on sale at the local market, which also had some tri-tips, something we dont usually see in the case around here. I decided to give them a try and see what all the fuss was about on the left coast.

I have to admit, they were good.




(the foil pouch was full of green beans)

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Some brats being grilled, part way through I added a Vidallia onion sliced in half. Crappy camera phone says the onions are pure white and lost all the texture :(


Yes, I too use the dreaded Weber "wok" - but I think I have an excuse! Two brats sliced and stir fried with sliced onions and peppers; the rest of the brats left whole. Not much space here - I may need to start using my 23" for some grilling or use another level!


The halved onions came out well but I could have left them on longer. Also a spatula is probably a better tool over the tongs - it helps you replace them so you don't mess up the grill marks.


Johnsonville Beer 'n' Brats are great!

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Yes, I too use the dreaded Weber "wok"

:D I have one too, I cant recall the last time i used it, but I have it. in fact, i think I have a spare one still in the box out in the garage too.

I planned on using it for things like fajitas, but have since decided I liked grillign the vegetables whole and then slicing them.

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Blackened Salmon, Asparagus, and garlic-rosemary potatoes

Finaly home for a while after traveling for the last week. I decided I needed a decent meal for a change, so it was off to Publix to see what looked good. I came out with some salmon, and some fresh asparagus.

In the end, I grilled the asparagus with the salmon, and made some garlic mashed potatoes, to which I added a couple of fresh rosemary sprigs. It was all quite tasty, and I also remembered how much better grilled asparagus is than steamed :D

The little fish pieces have BBQ rub on them, rather than the blackening seasoning, for the little guy. I keep waiting for him to develop his taste for heat, but he may have dropped that gene :shock:






Now, it been a week without anyone else contributing to this thread... You guys quit cooking or what?

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Butterflied leg of lamb

A little over two pounds, marinated for 30 minutes in Dale's sauce, a little Charcoal Companion beef & lamb rub (very aromatic), about a cup of soaked maple chips. Cooking temp was 300, let it rise gradually to 360. Upper grill only, no HD or drip pan. Removed from the grill at 130 degrees, tented under foil for 10 minutes, came out medium --- center was medium rare. Very juicy and tender, quite tasty. Had some slices a few minutes ago for lunch, and it tasted great with no seasoning or condiments at all.



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