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Is the 32" Big Bad too big?

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I've got bad news, I think I may have changed my mind on buying a 23" ultimate...

I think I want the 32" Big Bad...😱

I have actually instructed my realtor to look for houses with gardens rather than condos in Singapore because of this. And do you know why? There is a part of me that is sure one day I'll want to roast a whole suckling pig... A big one! And I can't justify going all out on a KK and then stoping short of the perfect grill, just to turn around in 2 (or 20!) years time and kicking myself because that insane cook I want to try won't fit...

(I can always buy a 19" later 😜)

The only worry is that 90% of the time I'll only be cooking for 2 and due to my love of sous vide a lot of the time it will be just searing what comes out of the bag. In future as my family grows and visitors come and go I know I'll have the need to do the big cooks, but can the 32" do the small ones too?

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Tomahawk - the 32 is a very well behaved cooker no matter the size of the cook on the grate. For small cooks, during the week, I just outfit my second basket with the basket splitter and I light up the lump! No big deal. Whether I'm cooking just a single chicken breast or I'm doing multiple turkeys, TheBeast is quite capable of answering the call. Of course, my 19, Beauty!, gets her fair share of small cooks as well. multiple KKs gives you a flexibility that most folks never get to enjoy. If I were to pick a starter KK and was on the fence about which to put on my patio first, I'd choose the larger size.

My motto has always been "Better to have the size and not need it than to need it and can't get it."

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On 9/5/2015 at 5:44 PM, Syzygies said:

As a 23" owner, I can see the  32" killer app for me would be as a bread oven. I can fit two large loaves in my 23", but I've never tried to squeeze in three loaves. I can easily find homes for three loaves. If I had a 32", I'd order a large rectangular Fibrament pizza stone, and bake away.

@Syzygies - are your Fibrament-D stones the ones with the heat diverter? Fibrament seems to differentiate between stones for home ovens and stones for grills, where the stones for grills come with a heat diverter. Also, are you using these on the main grate or upper?

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On 5/4/2017 at 1:52 PM, Syzygies said:

I went without the heat diverter, and use them on either main or upper rack. My understanding is that unless flames are licking them, the stones survive. That's also my experience.

BTW.. My baking stones "Heat Transfer Formula" was "inspired by" a post Fibrement made in a baking forum years ago. They were adjusting the density and actually posted the old formula and the new one.  I wrote it down and called the plant manager at Harbinson Walker and asked if he could make me food safe material that performed like that. He laughed and said that's what we do.. this is our language. Went back to that forum and the formula had been deleted.  LOL 

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