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Finger Printing My KK's

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As you know with the Terra Cota style tiles, no two tiles are exactly the same. There could never be 2 groups of tiles that are the same. This makes each grill totally unique to any other in the world.

With that in mind I decided to photograph a set of "finger prints" for my two KK's. I used 4 distinct areas of each KK to make a finger print card for each grill. If you compare the two finger print cards you can clearly see what I'm talking about.

Here is both KK's on temporary stands. This should be close to their permanent location.


The 19" finger print card.


The 16.5" finger print card.


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they look very close to me buddy, hard to tell a difference !!

The two KK's sitting next to each other are a good match and basically look the same.

But if you look at individual tiles in the same position on each of the finger print cards they are totally different (the pattern of color on each tile). If I am not mistaken this will hold true for your individual pebbles also.

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Super idea on the fingerprint photos!!!

Did you move the new 19" twice? First photos had it sitting on top of open blocks and the photo above has solid blocks under it. That is some big time weight lifting!!!!!!

Yes it has been moved really three times. I removed the dome first each time. With the dome removed it's still really heavy but my son was able to lift his side off the first blocks then back up on the blocks new position (just barely). If you have to carry the 19 anything more than a few inches I strongly recommend removing the dome. It's really easy to do and takes less than 5 minutes. (of course this doesn't exactly apply to what we were taking about in the pm except maybe the initial move off the pallet.)

Give me a few minutes and I'll start a new thread with pictures showing the procedure.

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