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Project Smoke & KK: Today Is The Day!

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When sitting at my desk here in my home office, if I turn my head to the left, I see my bookshelf.  On that bookshelf sit 80% bbq / grilling books, 10% 'regular' cookbooks, and 10% 'other' reading.  I'm glancing at about 5 books by SR.  I have found some level of value in each of them, and there are a couple of recipes that are in my 'go to' repertoire.  Is the guy the best at any one item?  Probably not.  Aaron Franklin is the king of Brisket (for the moment); does that mean SR can't teach you how to cook a brisket? -- nope.  He appeals to a wide audience of weekend warriors.  His TV presence is lacking,  but perhaps that is appealing to his audience?  I have to say, I've had a couple of ladies ask me if I could teach their husbands to grill.  On more than one occasion I've gifted them SR's book, 'How To Grill.'  They have all come back later and thanked me.  If there were a 'King of Grilling 101' award, I'd give it to him...  His new show is teaching his audience how to branch out with new tools (a la KKs), which is great.  He is helping people take it to the next level.  Can't fault the guy for spreading the gospel.  It should also be noted that this guy wrote about 10 cookbooks before he became popular in the bbq world.  He has been doing this since I was a school boy.  To use a medical analogy, SR is probably is one of the best GPs around.  Doesn't mean there aren't specialists that know more about certain subjects (including smoking wood).  I've never heard the guy say he is the best, unlike some guys I know (and respect) -- see Myron Mixon.

Deep thoughts, by Cookie.

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On ‎5‎/‎26‎/‎2016 at 4:48 PM, _Ed_ said:

It's funny, but I don't get the SR love at all. Given the geography differences, I obviously came to him pretty late (I think the first time I saw him was when I streamed one of the original Project Smoke episodes early this year), so I'm not sure if there is a familiarity factor I am missing, but he just doesn't seem like a very good cook for someone who is supposed to be professionally trained. I've spent my fair share of time in professional kitchens, and compared with anybody there, his technique looks really amateur, and even clumsy occasionally. Obviously the man can grill, but the grace notes you'd expect from a pro don't seem to be there. OK, I'll turn off the snobbery now, and I'm really pleased that KK is getting more exposure from his show, but... I won't be watching it.


On a far more cheerful note, my KK is less than three weeks away now...

I think you hit the nail on the head by saying his technique looks "really amateur."  I'm fairly certain that is target audience is...amateurs.

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I hear you. Maybe I'm just looking for a level of expertise than I'm not seeing. You're absolutely right, though - an hour spent w Aaron Franklin's Youtube channel gave me much more to work with than the entire first season of Project Smoke. Oh well. I've just lit the BBQ for tonight's grilled chicken, so I'm in a pretty relaxed mood here. Roll on 9th June, when the KK hits these shores...

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Finally got a chance to watch one of the KK episodes. Why is the KK logo plate blurred out in some spots? Check 12:33 - 13:05 of episode 203.



It's not blurred at 13:31 of the same episode. Were you only given a certain lenght of time for your logo to show?





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That’s a PBS thing. They don’t allow identifying brands on equipment used during the show. You can sponsor the show and get mentioned during the beginning and ending credits, like Komodo Kamado does, but you can’t have the equipment be labeled. All the grills are set up this way, with the label either obscured, covered, or removed.

All PBS shows are like this. If you watch This Old House, and pay close attention, you’ll see that there’s electrical tape over the brand names of the drills and other tools they use. It’s not too hard to guess which drill they are using, since Dewalt is yellow, Milwaukee is red, Makita is blue, and so on, but they obscure the labels anyway.

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