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tony b

Duck Fat Rules!

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What do you do after 4 solid days of oppressive heat? Break out the bucket of duck fat and make something good! 

First, get out the bucket of duck fat - yes, that 3.5 pounds of duck fat and it was only $25 at my local butcher - WINNER!


First off, let's do some garlic confit in duck fat. Jars went into the pressure cooker for 30 minutes. 


Well, since we have the bucket out, let's do some nice potatoes in duck fat, with fresh rosemary, thyme and garlic.


Oh yeah, Happy National Tequila Day! Had a margarita (or two) to celebrate! :smt030:smt028:smt035

Onto the KK, with some more of the local sweet corn!


Skip to the chase - plating. 2 nice burgers (ground brisket), with cheddar cheese, the potatoes, and the corn. And, since we have a skillet full of nice seasoned duck fat, let's just slather that onto the corn instead of butter! Oh yeah, Duck Fat Rules, Baby!


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Duck fat = The best fat for frying potatoes (IMHO)!    I just did my first batch of french fries using the potatoes in cold oil start method.    Unfortunately I didn't have any duck fat on hand...but the fries were not only the best I've ever made by a country mile but also the best I've ever tasted.   Duck fat would push them over the top.  

And try duck fat instead of lard for tamals!   Crazy good too with a different flavor twist than lard.


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Per Cooks Illustrated et al about circa 2009 the information gleaned about being able to fry potatoes aka "french fries" proved to be worthwhile by starting with room temperature oil instead of the more common procedure of dropping the potato fries into hot oil.

So, I finally got to test this for myself and based upon a sample of how easy, less messy and how wonderful the fries were I will be frying my "french fries" using this method from here on out.

Cut the potatoes into whatever size 'frites you like.   As before I then soak the fries in ice water for about 1/2 hour or so, then dry them thoroughly.   Place the fries into your fry pot (I use a cast iron "chicken fryer" pan) and then cover the fries in your oil/fat of choice plus about 1/2" to 1" more.   Heat the pan over medium-high heat and fry until the level of brown suits you.   Season, just as always, when the fries come out of the hot oil.   I didn't take a hot oil temp reading but generally it is recommended to keep the oil below 325ºF...considerably less than the 'old school' method of frying at 350-375º.   By how the oil and fries looked when I did my batch I'd guess the oil temp was at or below 325ºF.

Its substantially less messy...with almost zero oil splatter anywhere!    And most importantly the fries were incredible in taste & texture!



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A single fry? I usually double cook my frites, either par-fry or use Sous Vide, then deep fry. I bet it would work with the SV version, then into cold water still in the package (won't have to dry them), then your cold fry technique. 

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