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Thick Pork Chop Dinner

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Set this up about 9:30 AM for dinner at a time currently unknown, don't know if it will be in 3 hours time or not but sous vide given lots of leeway time. :)

Brined the chops overnight is a light brine, then rinsed in the morning and sprinked with granulated garlic and pepper.

While the chop are in the bath at 139F made some stewed cranberries.


Almost decided not to light the KK for searing the chops but why not and I'm glad I did. :)






These chops were in the bath about 5 hours and they were tender and moist. Perfect for me.:)



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Thanks, Shuley. Yes, I normally eat dinner several hours after a nice cooked breakfast then supper in the evening which is normally pretty lite. One of the advantages of being retired, one can eat when one wants. :-D 

Our meals as a kid, were breakfast, dinner and supper. :) 

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15 minutes ago, MacKenzie said:

Our meals as a kid, were breakfast, dinner and supper. :)

Yeah, Shuley, in the South, we refer to the evening meal as "supper." Mom would always tell me when I went out to play after school, "Be home in time for supper!" I have heard the mid-day meal called "dinner" before, but not very often; we called it lunch, like most places. In school, the cafeteria was often referred to as the "lunch room." 

It's funny - we all speak the same basic language - English, but it's not universal and quite regional!

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