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  1. I did this cook a few days ago. 4 bones from my Christmas ribeye primal. Dry aged for 28 days. 6 steaks a little over 1 1/4" thick and a good bowl of scraps for steak and cheese sandwiches or stirfry. It was getting late, lighting sucked, crappy pictures but you get the idea. Turkish aromatic rice. Steak and asparagus tips. Mushrooms and bacon. Pineapple. Yup if you want to get asparagus tips on a skewer you have to break out the power tools and pre drill the holes. Prep just isn't as fun without using power tools - LOL. 3 people, nine skewers and 18" Yakatori grill is a bit over crowded. @DennisLinkletter this picture is for you. This was a Publix GreenWise choice ribeye primal. Grass fead, black Angus. Cost me $2 per lb more than their regular choice ribeye primal but this was the best tasting most tender dry aged ribeyes I've done yet. Definitely worth the extra $2 per lb. The steak and asparagus tips was awesome. Mushrooms and bacon not so much.
  2. I appreciate you posting that video. A little bit of a pain predrilling the holes but a fantastic skewer just the same. Mushroom and bacon would need the bacon precooked until almost done before making the skewers but I should have guessed/known that.
  3. Let's just say user error. Not even sure I have the pictures anymore. The area between the firebox and dome probability got up in the 1200* range and that area so high up should never experience those temperatures. My 16" is over two years I think. No problems. Really you shouldn't have to worry about anything.
  4. Here and the Guru that's it for me. I don't have time to keep up with these two let alone any others.
  5. We need to take their BBQ card away from them.
  6. What are you talking about "too hot to grill". I never heard such a silly thing. A cold beer solves that problem.
  7. Get the new double gasket (if you currently have a single gasket). After removing old gasket just wipe down the surfaces really good with alcohol. Use a thin smear of Permatex to glue down the new gasket. Leave the dome open for 24 hours to let the Permatex fully cure. With the new double gasket - small gasket on the vertical lip followed by the larger gasket on the horizontal surface. Two people would make this process easier but I did it by myself on a 19".
  8. The rotisserie motor needs to be purchased from OneGrill dot com. Model number 4pm05.
  9. @tony b @Aussie Ora I used the lemon myrtle flakes for the first time last night on a potato dish. Nice flavor. Great spice, definitely had a lemon twist to it. It would be awesome on fish for sure.
  10. Through strange circumstances Mrs skreef got her middle right finger smashed at work. It cut her finger down to the bone on both the top and bottom side. It also broke that bone. She went to the local emergency room where she was at which is located about 2 hours from the house. I rushed down there as fast as possible. We were up for 24 hours yesterday and finally made it home at 4 am this morning. We are now up and about waiting on a call for an appointment with a orthopedic surgeon. She's in good spirits despite it all. Will post an update later on.
  11. I agree with Aussie that Bush Tomato is awesome stuff. I put that on lots of different things. Goes good on top of scallop or hassle back potatoes. Everything you have looks good. You're going to enjoy the selection.
  12. Something to think about - when the dome and latch are adjusted properly everything is basically a snug fit. It sounds to me that things have gotten out of adjustment. You shouldn't need to make a custom mod to the latch. I would replace the gasket with a new double gasket, readjust the dome then readjust the bottom latch plate and see what happens before spending time and effort on something that might not really be an issue. I imagine it's possible that when you straightened the latch back out it is no longer exactly as it was when new but I would figure all this out before modifying.
  13. Hell ya blackberry BBQ sauce. Plenty of wild blackberries in GA. When my son was younger we use to go picking every spring and make wild blackberry jam. Maybe me and Mrs skreef should go this spring and make wild blackberry BBQ sauce.
  14. Not coming between me, it's about 70* outside at the moment. Going to fire up the Yakatori grill within the hour. (sorry couldn't stop myself - LOL)
  15. No such thing as running out of lump. I learned a couple of years ago that you buy lump 5, 10, 20 bags at a time. When it goes on sale you buy $100, $200, $300 worth. You'll only use it sooner or later anyway. When you get down to 5 or 10 bags start looking for another deal. Living in GA's high humidity I've never found it to be a problem with long term storage. Just don't let it get rained on.
  16. The sad reality is that high quality ingredients and fresh food is way more expensive than processed and/or mass produced food. Much cheaper to feed kids Little Debbie snacks than to give them fresh fruits for snacks. I have slowly ben turning towards the higher better cuts of meat. Chicken, pork, beef etc..... Definitely costs more but tastes better. Haven't found a really great farmers market but if you shop carefully in the better grocery stores you can find the good stuff but you can't shop by price.
  17. Really looks like you would do good with a 16" KK. Super fast startup and meat really close to the coals. Be careful with that setup. Probably OK with a grill inside the KK but KK's are not designed for really high heat in the upper position (above the firebox).
  18. Latch looks good. Upper vent, time will tell. As for the inside - that looks normal. I wouldn't want you to see a picture of the inside of my 16". I mainly use it for grilling. Black everywhere. Even high heat doesn't change that at the stage I'm in. It's all good - BBQ pantinia. You're going to do a high heat burn in eventually. It'll get as clean as it ever will during that.
  19. Dang it that is totally awesome. My favorite color too. Really great unboxing pictures, TY for posting them.
  20. That is a good question. How long does it say for the cement to be fully cured (not just dry)?
  21. Very nice. You're the first 42" on the forum, congratulations.
  22. A true wood fired pizza oven is on my list but it's so far down the list it wasn't worth mentioning. Since I own a Blackstone it would probably have to be a project type build and the project list is much, much longer than the grill list.
  23. Also realize in many instances there is more units of a particular color than what is listed in the web store. For instance when I bought my Terra Blue there was only one show on the website. I was trying to match my 16" but it wasn't a great match. After talking to Dennis there was actually 4 Terra Blue 19"s in the warehouse (each with a unique serial number). Dennis then sent me a picture of each one so I could pick the best match. Every KK is photographed before leaving the factory.
  24. Yes but then I edited the money shot and tweaked the color just a smige to hard. Maybe years from now I'll get the hang of it.