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  1. Really great cook. Looks delicious. I had salmon last night but it didn't look like that
  2. I'm sure it's going to show. But I will be bummed if something happened to it. I've wanted to send you that package for 6 months now. Onto other news. I found these kewl 1 pint sized Food Saver bags. I have 8 x 1 cup portions, 4 x 1/2 cup portions, my grinder full and some extra to make pepper salt. Felt like a drug dealer, measuring out and bagging up Purple Crack Berries - LOL
  3. Ouch - that hurt just reading that.
  4. Yea that vette would definitely make me smile all the way to the grave. Maybe one day I'll win the lottery or maybe one day you'll visit the Bistro. I'll cook you a killer meal and you'll let me take it around the block. Of course I'll promise not to do donuts in the front yard like I did with a friends mustang a couple of weeks ago. Yea he should have never let me behind the wheel after a serious night of drinking - hey I didn't smash it into the lawn furniture or flag pole and I didn't leave the yard - a successful DWI adventure - LOL
  5. TY FotonDrv - that's what I thought in the beginning. It is a around the town cruiser but I can go out all the day on it without issue. The riding angle just works. Of course I won't speak for Mrs skreef's back or butt on that pad - LOL
  6. That's the tail wagging from being happy over BBQ.
  7. I'm trying to get more culture in my life it's just really hard - LOL
  8. That's just @Aussie Ora in his previous life.
  9. I did take a peak this morning while trying my vegamite toast. The only thing worth really reading was a lamb shortage in Tasmanian caused 99 workers to be laid off for an additional 4 weeks at a minimum. This was at a local abattoir. They had already been off for 4 weeks so that's a real bummer. As for the vegamite toast - I did take two bites and just don't know what to think about it. Is this stuff really food or did you trick me? LOL, I immediately made me another piece of toast and smeared it with a generous layer strawberry preserves. All is now right in the world again.
  10. I never cared much about cars other than a means of transportation but this makes me smile.
  11. I'm glad you sent it. I want to try it, if for nothing more than to say I did.
  12. I'll try that for breakfast tomorrow morning. Wish me luck - LOL
  13. I'm so scared I didn't even open it to take a taste - LOL I've been addicted since @Aussie Ora sent me my first bag of Tasmanian Pepper Salt. I horded it like it was gold - LOL - no need to horde anymore.
  14. The package arrived - yay!!! Mrs skreef got off work early enough to go retrieve it from the post office. Totally exciting. A great stash you sent. I did take a small taste of the Mango lime chili dressing - delicious, will have a salad tomorrow night with that. I also had to crack a pepper berry with my teeth - it's like a rite of passage into the Tasmanian Pepper Berry world - LOL This may seem like a stupid question but what is a good use for the Vegamite? I'll be honest I'm a little scared and not many food items scare me - LOL
  15. More epic for me, I know that. Since we couldn't talk @bosco into a 42" we had to create our own shipping thread - LOL I can't wait to get the pepper berries. I've been working with @Aussie Ora for about a year and a half to get some. It's been a long wait. As for Aussie's package coming from me - USPS better not screw that up. A bunch of time, effort and cash went into that package.
  16. This entire shipping session has been a little wonky. I haven't lost hope yet. Hopefully all will end well.
  17. Pizza looks good. A great first attempt. But 15 minutes for a normal thinner crust is 2-3 times too long. I basically agree with @tony b upper rack and way more heat soak time. I would go as long as 2 hours. Just crank the KK up when you get home and let it ride for a long while. My guess is that stone was nowhere near 500* otherwise the bottom would be half burnt at 15 minutes especially if the dough had any sugar or oil in it which I'm sure it did if it was store bought.
  18. That's Australia's version of lemon pepper. Lemon Myrtle tastes surprisingly just like lemons. That pepper crack mix sounds just like what I'm looking for.
  19. Can't wait to see the results.
  20. I'm feverishly checking the mailbox every day.
  21. This is a recipe from Ken Forkish. My pizza experimenting days are over but this recipe got posted on the Guru. I trust the cooking ability of the person who posted it so I though I would give it a try. Nice thin and crispy crust. I cooked them in the Blackstone Pizza Oven at 500* dome thermometer for about 3 minutes. Pepperoni. Mushrooms and black olives. Sausage and green peppers. Fresh sliced tomatoes and jalapeƱos.
  22. It will when you kick it to the curb.
  23. Great looking chops. Looking at the plated shot I thought it was an @Aussie Orapost.
  24. Very kewl. As for the Guru that can be a fickle group. Usually posts I think everyone will like dies a quick death and my boring posts takes on a life of their own. If you would have had pulled pork in the pizza they would still be talking about it.
  25. That's exactly what I was thinking. A sad day for USPS for sure.