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  1. I don't want to move there but definitely close enough to drive for some lump. Without the shipping cost I could probably afford some coffee lump.
  2. I have that movie in my TV cabinet. That and the Iron Giant are two of my favorite kids movies.
  3. I've posted this cook before but this has a slightly different twist. Rigatoni Pasta stuffed with a Italian sausage and Ricotta mix. In single serving dishes with Italian toppings. The pictures should speak for themselves.
  4. Tasty looking breakfast.
  5. I think it was Tony that coined the phrase "Purple Crack". It fits perfectly.
  6. Yea I should have put some in the filling. Bad addict! - LOL
  7. Beautiful setup for sure, I'm jealous. But I had to laugh - what are you doing? Collecting KK's? LOL
  8. Nice looking dinner plate.
  9. Looks like you're off to a great start.
  10. TY MacKenzie. I'm going to make a whole box of stuffed Rigatoni. Half sausage/Ricotta and half spinach/Ricotta. Then I'm going to freeze them for quick weeknight meals.
  11. I'm not a carrot soup kind of guy but I'd go for that. Great cook. BTW - Carrots were ready to be served when the first came off the grill.
  12. The question is - When are you opening a warehouse at the container port in Savanah GA? It's a large S.E container port. The S.E needs some lovin too - LOL.
  13. Yes if I remember correctly. Either way when you get there an error comes up on the displays just pull it out and pop in the Tel-tru. Both the meat probes and grate probe have the same rating. A grate probe is too fat to fit in the Tel-tru hole. The meat probes are a good, slide in, fit. I use a 1/2" disk of cheapie wine cork pushed onto the probe to hold it's height in the dome. Shove the probe all the way in and the tip gets closer to the meat on a low-n-slow cook. If I'm doing some type of baking cook using the upper grate I pull the probe out so only an inch or so is sticking in the dome. This way the cold dish/cook doesn't mess with the reading as much. Maybe that made some sense.
  14. I have a Thermoworks Smoke 2 probe remote monitor. I bought an extra meat probe (because it's the correct diameter). Those are installed in my thermometer hole in my 19" and 16" KK's. Gives me remote monitoring of my dome temperature. I no longer use a grate thermometer. If I'm going for a real high heat session (over 572*) I pull them out and put the Tel-tru back in for that cook. Best upgrade I've done.
  15. I guess I'm one of the the bad guys. Let me inject my crooked opinion here ............ Disclaimer: I am completely anal about all my food being done at the same time. The only real except is low-n-slow wrapped and resting in a cooler. I get down right pissed off at myself if all the different parts of a meal aren't done at the same time. Crooked Opinion: One kamado is just not enough. Even if you had a 32" KK that would still leave you cooking stuff on the inside (of your house). You just can't do multiple temperatures on a single kamado and there are very few meals where every part needs the same temperature. 2 Kamados are the bare minimum. If you are creative enough you can usually pull off a 3-4 part meal on 2 Kamados. With that said I own 3 kamados. I frequently use all 3 even though I'm only cooking for 2-3 people. It has nothing to do with the amount of food, has everything to do with the different temperatures needed. :End of Crooked Opinion.
  16. That's a really good idea. I have a really low profile motorcycle transport trailer. Even then I need to put my hitch in the high position to level out the angle enough for my bike to ride up it properly without scraping the frame. At an even higher position I could get the ramp to be a smooth angle without a hump. Once the KK is on the trailer you can just lower the tongue onto the ball.
  17. That was an easy one. Smalls was dorky kewl and give me smore. Sand Lot - one of the very best kids movies for adults.
  18. TY MacKenzie that is about the best compliment a jam maker can get. I have slowly been tweaking my technique to try and make the very best jam possible. I was really happy with the way the Orondo Ruby Reef Jam turned out and think I can get it even better next year. Only 11 more months until we find out - LOL I guess if they didn't figure that one out they just haven't been paying attention lately - LOL
  19. Fantastic breakfast. That jam does look delicious. Really good pictures too.
  20. Great article.
  21. Great looking bacon. One day I need to try my hand at bacon.
  22. Great looking meal. Nice use of the cold smoker.
  23. Can't wait to see it in it's new home.
  24. If you ask me this needs to be posted on Guru. I was going to do it but a little crunched for time this evening.
  25. A shortbread bottom crust, fresh grilled peaches and a crumble topping. This was going to be a full recipe post but I had a couple technical difficulties along the way. Thinking back on yesterday I believe Publix snuck a batch of cling peaches in on me. You must use Freestone peaches if you're going to grill them, and these peaches were not coming off the pit. Maybe next weekend I'll try again for a recipe post. For now I'll leave you with a few pictures. It was delicious.