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  1. I had some fresh Blueberries and wanted to make a desert so I thought I would try a Blueberry Pizza. Cream cheese spread - cream cheese, whipping cream, powdered sugar and vanilla. Mixed to a smooth consistency. Set aside. Blueberry paste - Blueberries crushed, sugar, and water. Heat and reduce until a jam consistency. Set aside to cool. Before dinner I made some Cracker crust dough. Rolled it out then par baked both sides on the Blackstone. Pull when crispy and shut down the Blackstone. After dinner I spread the cream cheese mixture on the crispy dough. Spread the Blueberry "jam" on top of that and finally sprinkled some extra fresh berries on that. Put in a cold Blackstone and cook on md high heat for just a couple of minutes. Serve warm fresh from the Blackstone. I was very pleased with this creation. Just sweet enough. Only thing I would do differently is roll the dough thinner and parbake a little longer so it's even more crispy. Everything can be done in advance with the final build and cook when dinner is over. Any fruit should work. With a little modification could easily do this in a kamado or oven.
  2. TY Bruce - between 3 of us it was gone in seconds.
  3. I love my sweets. With a little perfecting this one is a top notch desert and really simple to cook.
  4. Very nice. We want to see more pictures of the KK but we also want to see more pictures of the outdoor kitchen. Looks like a fantastic place to relax and cook.
  5. I'll give it that. It would have been a good entry in the veggie challenge.
  6. Only sort of following this along - if you haven't already throw the pizza pan in the trash. 10 minutes is far too long for a thin crust pizza cook. Crank the heat up a bit more. You should be able to get a KA Artisan dough pie cooked in 3 maybe 4 minutes max.
  7. BTW - that's not a burger. Total sh........... Carnivores rule, vegetarians drool - LOL
  8. From idea to serving at the table - 20 minutes. I love my KK's but Reef's Cracker Crust on the Blackstone Pizza Oven is probably the fastest homemade pizza one can make.
  9. Nice looking meal.
  10. Here's my version. Basically followed what you did except used some Quandong sauce instead of plum. Served with carrots from the DO and some wild rice. Took all the liquid from the DO, put it through a fat separator and reduced to a gravy consistency. Made an interesting, slightly sweet, gravy. I loved the meal, something different. Interesting - a large Walmart (of all places) in Warner Robbins has a fairly decent selection of lamb. It's all American lamb but I'm good with that. They have loin chops, cutlet chops, shanks, shoulders, ribs, ground. Never see this in any other Walmart. A better selection than any other grocery store around including Kroger and Publix.
  11. Nice bowls. Great hand me down.
  12. I guess that means you have to own 4 KK's - quadfecta - you'll be the first - LOL
  13. I got my fingers crossed. LOL Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  14. I'll just stick to normal pizza dough, thank you. Yea I got the wooden spoon across my back side when I was young. As far as food allergies - the only thing that messes me up is large amounts of ginger. I can cook with it but I have to be careful going to a Japanese restaurant with pickled ginger dipping sauce. It's a real bummer because I love ginger.
  15. I logged back onto tapatalk and replied to your message.
  16. Great picture. My guess is they were filming with a HD video camera and pulled the frame from the video.
  17. I have yet to locate those really thin wrappers. Will have to look harder.
  18. Nice - Yea that's a bit of a hill.
  19. I too like most of his videos. I could skip the lighting and setting the vents but I'm not his intended audience either. In general Kamado Guru (and John) has done a good job promoting kamado cooking in general. There are a few of us on this forum that wouldn't be here if it wasn't for his forum. I might not have ever bought a kamado except I found Kamado Guru in my research. I think he went about the smoke pot a little wrong but I gloss over a lot of what gets posted anyway. It's just not all that.
  20. I've cooked just about everything you can imagine but I rarely cook for large crowds so I don't have the type of picture you're looking for.
  21. I like the American burgers from Australia. I mean if you don't use Australian seasoning how else does one eat a true American burger? LOL - just don't follow the directions on the package or you'll be eating American meatloaf.
  22. All of that is awesome. You're going to love it.
  23. You outdid yourself with that cook Aussie - fantastic.
  24. Nice lamb cook.