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  1. Looking for Grate Advice

    I'm a big fan of the overnight soak.. can usually hose off what has not fallen off.. Those stainless balls easily remove what's left after.
  2. Komodo Kamado 23" Ultimate for sale

    Posted this on Komodo_Kamado Instagram.. Look forward to shipping a 32" KK to EU for you!! LOL
  3. Sad day in Iowa 23” KK for sale

    Please send me better photos and I'll post it on my Instagram for you.. Almost 30,000 followers now..
  4. I'll be off-line with no Internet connection due to Neypi, a religious holiday Bali in Indonesia from 6 AM Saturday or 6/17 at 6 AM on Sunday the 18th.. I'm exactly 12 hours ahead of East Coast time. I have forwarded my skype to my cell phone.. My whatsapp is +62 818 850 860 http://www.bali-indonesia.com/information/nyepi-day.htm
  5. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    I'm a BIG Fan of Caul Fat.. Think it is really beautiful also!!
  6. Better late then never lol

    I got thrown off that forum because after my post was erased I asked if they were now censoring my posts? Thought is was a pretty honest interpretation of the events that occurred.. LOL Yea a forum about all Kamados.. er I mean Kamado Joes!
  7. 32oz dry age ribeye

    I do those thick ones low and slow and even throw some smoke on them first.. I then wrap and ice them to pull the heat out. Once the meat is cooled.. I sandwich the meat between two bags of ice.. I pat dry, baste in herb ghee and proceed to brown up the outside. Cooling it inside ensures I do not cook it any more.. After properly browned, I pull it off to the side, put a probe in it and wait for it to warm up.. Perfect texture and pink from edge to edge.. slice up and plate..
  8. Oh oh

    As I always say.. if you want to cook low and slow for a crowd.. the 23" Ultimate has great capacity.. Brisket, butts and ribs.. If you want to "Grill" for a crowd the 23" is limited by it's size. You just can't throw on 6-8 steaks and vegetables... The 32" and 42" are great GRILLS which also have more low and slow capacity than most will ever need. The 32" is no slower nor does it use noticeably more fuel. Outside of the 20% more in cost and almost twice the weight there is no downside I can think of to getting a 32" Big Bad.. It's all I cook on these days. I pretty much leave the basket splitter in at 50%.. even when I low and slow. That being said, If you want to work a bit you could reverse sear 6-8 steaks and then brown them up three at a time. Gets the job done, but there is a reason there are no 23" gas grills on the market.. it's too small.
  9. Oh oh

    I think BonFire is going to be in love with this one...
  10. DISCOUNTED ~ 99% NEW GRILL - Steven Raichlen just cooked a few times on this 32" Big Bad in Cobalt Blue for his PBS show PROJECT FIRE.. It shipped with Teak Side Tables with the Stainless inserts and the charcoal basket splitter.. $1000 off Would like to ship it directly from set in CA to you.. 42" Serious Big Bad has already been sold..
  11. New cabinet on the way

    I hear your pain and raise you some.. The most frustrating thing is that this is not the carrier I booked this on. This was booked on Roadrunner who is my favorite carrier and they subcontracted the last leg out to this local carrier.. Argh and double Argh!!
  12. Goose Adventure

    My wife uses all different kinds of fat to make popcorn.. my favorite is from foie gras and the oil from coffee smoked bacon..
  13. Dual air vent use

    The determining factor is how much vacuum the exiting hot air creates in the chimney.. You can have the largest hole with very little vacuum and have almost no airflow.. or the smallest hole with the chimney all the way open creating lots of vacuum and forcing lots of air through the (smallest) hole.. You can however fine-tune an existing temperature by changing the lower dial setting.
  14. My Sam's Club Closed - Major Bummer

    Maybe CÎROC??
  15. KK cold smoker

    Depends on the volume and density of the fuel used.. Small chunks will of course burn longer than chips.. The chips have very little actual volume.. Think about the weight of potato chips and french fries to compare..