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  1. Can't believe we just hit 2,000 users, quite a milestone. 7,775 Topics and 91,631 Posts.. We've come a long way, thank you all for making this forum so special, I really appreciate it.
  2. Heylo Tangles.. Don't believe a word they say.. I'm very difficult, actually a pain in the ass. BUT I do built a great grill so it's worth putting up with me.. We're on the same timezone, please give me a call, I have a Sydney number 028006 0968 that rings thru to Bali.. Look forward to you cooking on a KK
  3. When I was in Los Angeles in the 80's I had this '59 Rometsch Cabriolet.. Aluminium bodied on a VW pan with an Okrasa motor..
  4. Great looking pies.. It's also much easier to use the peel on the upper.
  5. What can I say? Every curve has been studied and has a specific function..
  6. You are so talking my language.. Perfect in every way.. I often use the sugar trick for browning thinner pieces of meat that can't sit too long on a hot grate.. Putting them in very cold, searing/browning and then warming/cooking/finishing them indirect until you have the correct feel/density is another trick.
  7. I now have a mail consolidator that I ship items to and they hold and rebox them and send them out. So I can get lots of small items sent together. Because of this I now send one box per month from the states and always have a few items from World Spice.. Just ordered the Shawarma Spice.. I'm guessing that's what you ordered.. Could not find Shawarma Blend..
  8. You are killing me.. Looks soo tasty.
  9. Looking to get an air fryer.. While on Amazon I noticed the Tefal ActiFry ,, It has arms that constantly stir your food which sounds like an awesome feature... I've seen how the Phillips needs constant turning or it cooks unevenly. Is this an issue? Did anybody research the Tefal ActiFry ? It seems the Philips always gets nods in the reviews but the one video comparing cooking on both had the Tefal ActiFry fries better 4-0 I'm thinking I like the quality of the Phillips but LOVE the self stir feature of Tefal Whatcha all think?
  10. We had 18 people total.. So we actually finished it easily..
  11. One of my best friends here of course has a KK.. So we double meat-ed our Easter Dinner It was as good as it looks..
  12. I spent 7 months traveling the Pacific alone with backpack surfing just out of high school in '78. This included 3 months in AU.. The canned beetroots in hamburgers were VERY difficult for me.. even the remaining juice from them gave me a little gag.. Just as much an acquired taste as Vegimite and Marmite.. both good for a bit of a gag too.. I can eat anything but those are tough. I made a pact with myself that I would eat everything served to me and clean the plate for the trip.. garnish and all. I alway broke that for beetroot.. but I did learn fast to order them sans beetroot.. Just saying!! Proof in the pudding: Here I am eating a bi-valve shipworm in Papua / Irian Jaya with local tribe members.. 118,000 views on Youtube "Bizarre Foods got nothing on me baby!" LOL
  13. Because there is a much lower learning curve and more difficult to repeat results. I had no problem with the 60grams because I could run multiple batches without any effort or even being in the room. My new concern is that I won't be able to produce the same quality with the air as a drum.. Especially because I like full bodied coffees. I read that fluid bed coffees are brighter and have less body than coffee from a drum roaster LOL That being said.. I canceled my order.. and am now looking at the Hottop drum Roasters..
  14. I think it's best to put the stone on the upper grate.. better for taking advantage of the heat coming off the lid/ceiling and easier to take off with your peel..
  15. I misunderstood the site.. Late night confusion.. There is a Home version and a Pro version.. I'm getting the pre-order Home version for £850 it will be £1250