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  1. LOL no have not.. But no reason I could not make up a 42 grill version of the 32" grates for you. It would be a bit tedious but I could make them as light and easy to handle as you like..
  2. This was a Dec 29th cook.. I left on the 31st to Bangkok and just got home.. LOL seriously furry! My 32 is clean
  3. An unused 19" TT loaded up with fat from a low and slow cook left alone for a month in the tropics will grow some colorful furry mold.
  4. Email sent..
  5. This is what I don't want him to do..
  6. Please do not mess with the latch.. many ways to skin that cat without doing that..
  7. Awesome Video..
  8. What is the advantage of using it inside your KK instead of outside? Please only use this little grill with that front door closed. It would be generating MUCH too much heat too close to the silicone gaskets. It's of course not designed to have charcoal there. I had problems once with someone filling up the lower grate with charcoal. Damaged the grill's acrylic jacket because the hot face is not a firebox.
  9. Ceramic tiles vary from box to box and batch to batch. A tile color usually has some very dark tiles, lots of middle of the road tiles and some very light tiles. We sort the tiles for shade and tone and then build with these sorted tiles. This gives the grills a more uniform appearance and eliminates streaks or patterns emerging. The unique grills are all given a unique inventory number.
  10. The CoCo char is wasted at high temps because the volatile material in lump charcoal starts to burn off at about 450ยบ.. that's what the flames at those higher temps are. I use the coco char at low and slow temps and it holds together well.
  11. It looks like almost all of it is just tile damage.. the insulation looks intact. Let's talk, we'll get ya all fixed up!
  12. When you really want to hurt a guy take a hammer to what he loves!
  13. Dayumn.. No complaints with that plate!
  14. It's there you just need to click on the photo..
  15. I adjusted it.. Bobby and I have spoke on the phone a few times and I have some kind of a relationship with him. I'm guessing I'll get some response.. Still LOL