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  1. If the demand as an upgrade for these continues, maybe I should source and supply the open-end box wrench (9/32")and send with the rods.
  2. Not sold out.. the ones in stock have a flaw.. The new ones are on the water.. Shipped two weeks ago. Figure 3 more weeks.
  3. Great news on the pup, please be very careful with any abrasive with those gold tiles, I believe you can sand off the metallic gold glaze from the corners which sit a bit proud.. I know one of my staff at home damaged tiles on one of mine with a Scotchpad.
  4. Oops.. I'll need to remove that and refund your purchase..
  5. Not necessary because the door assembly is above the floor of the grill and ash will not easily get to the door.
  6. The upgrade is only the two machined rods that are actually bolted to the rear doors.. welding caused too much distortion and so they use some high tech electric fusing machine to attach a little plate with two small bolts.
  7. I call her the "Julia Childs of Kamado cooking" Dayumn!
  8. Smoked strips of Pork Belly.. They get more smoke in strips.
  9. Used the cold smoker with cherry and coffee wood.. Only salt, pepper, and dried Thai chilies. Fat rendered beautifully, super tasty and moist.. left them to rest, left the room, came back and they were almost gone.. 240ยบ until they split when lifting..
  10. Ok I've added the link in the locking rods listing to help people go directly to the shield.
  11. Please send your order here.. [email protected] and my staff will take care of you. You can also put stuff into the cart and then abandon it..
  12. Too many grills shipped with the rear heat shield. We have them both in stock.
  13. Here they are.. This is only the two SS machined/threaded rods with the plate to bolt them with the tiny bolts already on the door. Does not include the SS heat shield. Which is also available.
  14. My OctoForks arrived last week but I've been at the factory this week. Will give them spin tomorrow with some boneless chick thighs.
  15. Ahhh... I have 8 sets in "READY STOCK" at the Cerritos Warehouse