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  1. I always hear about these great rubs but have tried very few of them, So here I am being pro-active and ordered a bunch to try..
  2. Please post square shots if possible when shooting with an iPhone or shots far enough back that can they can be cropped square. I always need shots for Instagram.. It drives lots of traffic to the KK website.. THANKS VER BIG
  3. Yes I need to have a little chat with him about the closing.. LOL I send them new grills every year but I get them back and sell them at a discounted price after. BTW I have.a bronze 23" that he just borrowed for his BBQ University that has just a handful of cooks on it for sale. It's in Colorado. PBS requires that logos are taped over.. Part of that shoot is from the show and part a special branding video he makes for all the companies supplying the grills. Steven has given me all kinds of press.. He constantly praises KK. The two Forbes articles and the Robb report came from his recommendations.. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I use the hairdryer from the top down into the charcoal.. it does not really create an ash cloud.. if a little comes up, just blow it away.. BEST GRILL TOOL in my arsenal..
  5. There is no grate for the charcoal.. we use that big SS basket that is sitting in the firebox.. You are more than welcome.. Thank you for your purchase and business, I really appreciate it.
  6. Yo Daddy.. That's a BIG chunk of BEEF.. Enjoy.. HFD to you too..
  7. Steven Raichlen cooking on a Komodo Kamado grill on this seasons Project Smoke 3 on PBS He called the Komodo Kamado, “Far and away the best ceramic cooker I’ve used.
  8. I always say it's MUCH easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission!
  9. All Tru Tels are the same.. duel temp. They sent one batch to Indo that did not say KK by accident.
  10. Will ask the factory.. I think the container is early July and airmail would be about 5 days..
  11. I have them on the water.. I could also send one airmail directly to you..
  12. No arguments there.. Looks great. And a very nice job plating today.. You are stepping up your game!
  13. Heylo.. Just wanted to let the group know that I'm at a Mindfulness, Healing Retreat here in Bali June 2-9th that will probably limit my nightly hours answering the phone because my days will be 7:30am to 9pm. Wish me luck on a 8 day juice fast too.. should have smuggled in some little vacuum packed bags of brisket and Tri Tip for when I start jonesing for meat.. Last Wed was my first day starting with no solid food and no coffee too.. Argh and double Argh.. But happy wife, happy life and she wanted this for her birthday so here I am juice fasting, detoxing, lots of "breathing", meditation, yoga and healing sessions.. Problem is I can't even sit crosslegged or touch my toes.. ARGH.. Tight hip flexors!! Unless I snap and run away, I'll be here until next week Friday.. Wish me luck, 7 days to go.. Best time to catch me on the phone will be 9:30 - 10:30 am or 6"00- 6:45pm EST My staff will be helping me with emails and I will sneak back to the room on breaks and answer mails too.. Thanks for your support and understanding...
  14. BTW To get more Coffee flavor from the char, I've asked them to send me larger pieces. The largest pieces are the least carbonized. We just re-purposed one of the medium sized bandsaws in the factory for sawing down the larger coffee chunks. This will give us manageable sized chunks with more smoke flavor. This charcoal won't be there for a while cause we just shipped a container.
  15. Coco actually burns very hot (Naked Whiz gave it 5 stars for heat) and because of it's density you can put MUCH more charcoal in the basket and cook hot longer without refueling. That being said just figure on burning what you put in because once heated over 400-450º what is left over the next day crumbles easily, you can't stir it or be rough with it but that's not the end of the world or reuse it carefully.. Naked Whiz KK CoCo Review Maximum Temperature The maximum temperature we were able to obtain with this charcoal was 978°F which is very high even for lump charcoals. This charcoal will definitely get hot enough to do anything you could want to do in a ceramic charcoal cooker.