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  1. The 42" grill is 42" left to right and 22" deep The 32" grill is 32" left to right and 22" deep The 23" grill is 23" left to right and 21" deep The 19" grill is 19" left to right and 17" deep The new, still making the molds 21" Supreme will be 21.5 wide and 20" deep All KK grills are 34" ground to lip..
  2. We immediately ordered 75 after this fitting where the images were taken. They will go out the end of the month and if we have any Airmails going to the warehouse we will toss 10-15 inside. When the come in all owners of Cold Smokers will receive them.
  3. Bet that blackened lamb fat was killer.. Just love it when it gets yellow/clear and blackened. YUMM!
  4. Absolutely works but not as good for me marketing wise as it's a much smaller grate than the main ones installed. The main would dwarf the meat better.. Thanks for posting either way.. Love to see that SBB in action!
  5. Finally got back the small bracket that keeps the Main tube from turning on the inducer tube. Simple, works great. CNC is much faster and less expensive than machining too. Whatcha think?
  6. There you go.. One down, hundreds to go! Great job..
  7. Project Smoke, but the Forbes, Robb Report and Playboy best of the year lists have definitely contributed to this traffic. I'm very optimistic because I believe these forum readers are more interested potential customers than traditional website visitors. They definitely stay on the site longer.
  8. I suggest you buy your spices to make your rubs FRESH at a place like The difference between pre-ground and fresh is dramatic. I'm guessing 80% more aromatic. They will grind for you when they ship or send them out whole so you can grind yourself before you sue them ,
  9. I'm pretty sure this is an all-time daily record for the forum for any month.. 822 Unique IP visits one day! Even more impressive because it's mid-winter not June. Thanks all.. This is the StatCounter screen shot from this last week. 7 day average 600 per day This is the StatCounter screen shot from this last week Last Year. 7 day average 372 per day I'd say we are killing it! Can't wait to see this spring and summer..
  10. About 45 minutes if not during rush hour.. Sometimes you look out the window and the light is just right and you have stop get out to take your 45th thousand shot of a favorite vista..
  11. KK Instagram hits 9,000 followers Thanks for all your help Bosco/Ryan..
  12. Beautiful snow shots.. I do miss the snow. Drove up the mountain this weekend to a retreat with Sai.. The rice valley views never get old. It's rainy season here so it's a bit green!
  13. LOL I call it the "kid the week before Christmas syndrome." I alway laugh when someone contacts me every 12-36 hours the week before they get their grill.. I immediately know the are infected with the KK virus.
  14. Bam! Done..
  15. Best to uncrate it and then roll it on it's own wheels/castors over the plywood to it's final destination.