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  1. DennisLinkletter

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Please always also post photos of the meat when it's finished cooking.. Raw meat on the grill besides showing the grate's size is anything but appetizing and can't be used for Instagram.. Thanks All..
  2. DennisLinkletter

    Having some issues with my rotisserie!

    Missed the video.. Wrong end.. that's the end for the pointed meat piercing tip.. I'll call him
  3. DennisLinkletter

    Traveling Baby Backs

    Throw them in a cooler with a couple of bottles full of very hot water..
  4. DennisLinkletter

    Having some issues with my rotisserie!

    the other bracket is adjustable.. so the shaft length is not an issue.. unless it's too short now. LOL
  5. DennisLinkletter

    Bruce's Birthday Bash

    Double Happy Birthday as my Bday is June 10th also!!
  6. DennisLinkletter

    Bruce's Birthday Bash

    Happy Bday Bruce.. What day was it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. DennisLinkletter

    Having some issues with my rotisserie!

    Argh.. That is the discontinued bracket, old stock that was packaged with the roti cradle.. My staff sent you the new one in a separate box with all your accessories.. Please look for and use that one.. Box Marked: RP/17-2156 Adjustable Side Bracket Motor For 21" / 23" / 32"
  8. DennisLinkletter

    Coco Char - Dennis

    Love to hear it.. Still have not given up.. I've finally got the shipping company to agree to survey my factory to get an exemption.. Hope but still no light at the end of the tunnel..
  9. DennisLinkletter

    32” Terra Blue

    Please don't cut off your grills legs/feet in the shots... LOL Always need good shots for Instagram... Only had the grill 72 hours and the virus has set in.. Yes we can make cabinets for the 22"TT
  10. DennisLinkletter


    Just drill the rubber stopper..
  11. DennisLinkletter

    Brisket and Short Ribs - Help !

    I'm pretty sure all the blowers are just 12v computer fans inside.. the Guru is. The variable speed is from the control unit not the actual fan. I'm sure the pit viper will work exactly like the FireBoard one.. if not the cure is to just choke the pit viper back so it's only 20% open. That's the setting I used to use on my Cyber Q when using the fan. (which I never do now)
  12. DennisLinkletter

    32” Terra Blue

    Are you left handed? If not you probably want to turn this around so the charcoal is on the left.. and your working arm is shielded from the heat.
  13. DennisLinkletter

    SOLD - Life changes & my 23" KK system is for sale

    Yes.. ARGH.. Cringe! Cringe!
  14. Tapa Talk should be without ads now too!
  15. DennisLinkletter

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    I've changed the name to Cold/Hot smoker because the cold name had people believing it was only for cold smoking. I use it whenever I need any smoke profile added. It's a surefire way to get clean smoke right out of the git-go.. No waiting for the grey nasty bitter smoke to clear before putting in your food. The secret is to keep the smoke tube clean and to make sure the wood is dry.. I've been microwaving my chips in a bowl for 5+ minutes to remove excess humidity in the chips before long smokes.. They steam a lot.. Then again it's VERY humid here in Bali during the rainy season.