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  1. Ducky!

    Duck fat to make popcorn is awesome too.. As is Foie Gras oil
  2. This Quacks Me Up

    Duck fat to make popcorn is awesome too.. As is Foie Gras oil
  3. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    So any trick to slicing perfectly uniform like that? Looks extremely uniform for freestyle. I'm assuming you put it in the freezer for a while first.. Then?
  4. Sneak Peak ~ KK 3/8" A36 Baking Steel

    I'm guessing it would be very heavy.. Let me go weigh the (warped) ones I have..
  5. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Hey Tony.. are you a lefty?
  6. Turducken!

    Wilbur! Nice to see ya back.. Any cross-species meat-ing should be limited to anything with Pork i.e. bacon.. LOL

    Gotcha.. I thought you could not get it to 350..
  8. Which side tables

    I absolutely love wood.. and I've been working with teak for 28 years. For these side tables, I use recycled old growth teak because the grain is tighter and the wood has more oil than the new commercial stuff. If the tables are kept out of the UV and maintained they are a beautiful addition to the grill. That being said, as careful as we are, we all have stains and burns on our tables after a while.. If you get the wood, it's important to remember the first time you drop a slab of sauced up ribs on one and the sauce gets all down between the slats better go hose them off immediately because cleaning up the dried sauce or spill in between the slats is a nightmare. Nothing beats stainless for food service and easy cleanup..

    Always remember the temperature is airflow.. if you got stuck at 350 , I'm confident that you either did not shake out your ash from the previous cook before you started or you poured your charcoal directly from the bag into the charcoal basket. The problem with this is all of the smalls trickle down between the larger pieces restricting your airflow. Best to pour your charcoal into a box, give it a few shakes.. use the medium pieces for your low and slow cooking, your largest pieces for your high temperature searing and all the small crap at the bottom only pour around the very outside next to the cement in the Charcoal basket this way it does not impede your airflow.
  10. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    When they are right.. ain't nothing better!!

    Happy TurkeyDay to all.. Had to settle for flank steak and pumpkin pie..
  12. New KK owner in Seoul

    I take 6" of duct tape and put half it's width on a trash bag and the other across the front draft door frame.. Then I just sweep the ashes out the front door into the bag..
  13. Hand Carried a Waygu Bone-in

    Actually the weight in kilos is the small upper number.. The big bold number is the cost. It's 2800 baht a kilo.. which is about $38 a pound. Not the end of the world but not wholesale/restaurant pricing like I get in Indo. But it's in probably the most beautiful mall in the world.. I say this because Bangkok now is the number one tourist destination in the world.. last year 21 million arrivals.. number two London 19 million arrivals.. boggles the mind eeh?
  14. Hand Carried a Waygu Bone-in

    I needed to make a visa run to Bangkok and while browsing thru meat counter in Bangkok these unusually thick cut bone in rib eyes won me over.. The vacuum packed two bags of crushed ice so they were flat plates and then vacuum packed the meat between them like a sandwich.. Great service. Can wait to cook this.. the one I grabbed was 3.2lbs!! The were labeled: Australian Wagyu MS 5/6 Dry Aged 6 weeks Prime Rib
  15. Phoenix, AZ Users?

    Cold smoker -- It can be used to generate clean smoke for low and slow cooks with charcoal burning and without burning charcoal in the grill can create very low temp smoke for cold smoking. This lets you add a smoke profile without cooking the meat.