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  1. Beef ribs

    I find that I get the purple smoke rings when I put the meat in and don't open/peek until late in the cook..
  2. 2 brisket question

    I'd go main and upper with drip pan and tin foil shiny side up to create the indirect area..
  3. 23" Komodo Kamado For Sale

    Yes correct that was the new grill price in 2012 for the pebble.. It was the 23" GEN 2.4 OTB
  4. 23" Komodo Kamado For Sale

    OOps.. The sizes are whole numbers converted from CM
  5. KK Rocks!

    Heylo AKM welcome to the forum.. Just an FYI.. MacKenzie is also of the female persuasion, and with alarming regularity she puts all the men on this forum including myself to shame and knocks cook after cook out of the park. Not just in the breadth and depth of her cooks but her photography is also award winning quality. I call her the Julia Childs of Charcoal cooking! I encourage you to just jump in.. they are very user friendly.
  6. 23" Komodo Kamado For Sale

    I laughed when I received this.. These sizes are of course whole numbers converted from CM . There is nothing here that needs tight tolerances.. This will give you a general idea of the shipping boxes we build..
  7. 23" Komodo Kamado For Sale

    Because these posts generate quite a bit of mail and there are so many models etc. I'm now going to post information about the used grills being offered here. Full disclosure is the best policy. This grill was sold by KK Sept 2012 to Craig F. in Thousand Oaks who in turn sold it to the current seller. 23" GEN 2.4 Ultimate OTB Vibrant Blue Pebble KK-HY2133 $3,800 While it is a great grill is not our current production..
  8. Spinning a rib roast.

    And I usually only set up the roti for when I have company.. For some reason meat spinning over a fire gets people all excited. Opening up the grill always gets the oohs and aahs.. Then the served food hits it out of the park..
  9. First Neighborhood barbecue

    I love it.. Great job Bruce!! You had a lot going on there congrats..
  10. Spider was putting in the work last night

    I have a huge one in my garden I need to shoot.. HUGE.. LOL
  11. 21" Supreme is in the House!!

    I've been working on this project for years now, as some of you remember my first attempt turned out to be over 22" and was sold for a while and then the standing discontinued and shifted into a huge table top.. So this grill actually measures 21" left to right and 20" front to rear. Great size just working on the COGM now.. The lid has a little bit of the 23's shape added to the Hi-Cap shape for aesthetics.. I'm very pleased with this new addition to the KK family.. 23" Ultimate with the new 21" Supreme.. These two beauties are going to the UK. Argh.. the factory camera has some moisture trapped in the lens causing that white flare..
  12. 23" Komodo Kamado For Sale

    The most important thing is to sit the grill base up on a block of wood or small wooden box so that the wheels are on touching the palette or truck floor. I can get photos and measurements for you..
  13. 23" Komodo Kamado For Sale

    Good luck with your sale, please transport the grill on a small wooden block that lifts the wheels off the floor of the truck. PS your side tables are mounted on the wrong sides..
  14. Cars you have owned that made you smile

    402 lbs... Displacement: 955.00 ccm (58.27 cubic inches) Engine type: In-line three, four-stroke Power: 146.00 HP (108.8 kW)) @ 10800 RPM Torque: 100.00 Nm (10.2 kgf-m or 73.8 ft.lbs) @ 8200 RPM
  15. Cars you have owned that made you smile

    My Triumph 955 has upgraded pistons and cams and is injected with triple 44mm throttle bodies! Intake sound is louder than the exhaust.. Dyno-ed 146hp Stupid fast I don't ride it much any more.. It's a garage queen.