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  1. Thanks, everyone, I have to say that the bread was one of my better loaves and the controller was fantastic at holding 450F
  2. Biggest advantage is that you can add more fuel to the cold smoker if it is needed, can't do this very easily with the smoke pot.
  3. Thanks, Flht, I know what you mean sometimes I look at the posts on my phone then later see them on the pc, and there is a world of difference.
  4. If you are planning of baking bread or pizzas this stone it the cat's meow. It is specially formulated so that the bottom cooks without burning while the top cooks. No tricks needed to bake a pizza on the KK with this stone. You don't have long to wait, lucky you.
  5. That will look stunning. Did you order the KK baking stone, the rotisserie, and lots of lump as getting it all shipped with the KK is the most economical way to purchase things? I forgot to mention just wait until you taste the food, it also moves to the next level.:)
  6. Cottonswab, welcome. It is going to be like night and day when you start cooking on the KK. What colour and tile type did you pick?
  7. Why I thought the hottest day of the summer that I'd make bread and 2 pizzas I'll never know. I guess it must have been the thought of trying a tip Syzygies mentioned. He used a controller to keep the KK steady at 450F for a bread bake. I figured that I might as well do pizzas since the KK was already hot. I didn't up the temp after the bread bake and next time I will bump it to 475F. I just wasn't sure there would be enough lump left to do that but I am pretty sure there would have been. I have not used this controller for 5+ years but it still worked perfectly. Bread ready to bake. Baked. The crumb. Pizza 1 These little tomatoes just give you a burst of warm juice when you bite into them. Pizza 2
  8. @ CK,
  9. Great contraption, looks perfect for the job.:)
  10. I'm sure you will be very happy with your new birthday gift.
  11. Pequod, the Milwaukee compact blower number is M18™ Compact Blower (0884-20). Please note that is for the blower only, the battery must be bought separately.
  12. That sounds tasty, tekobo, looking forward to it.
  13. I think we definitely need to add the Milwaukee Compact blower to the list, this was also first suggested by Syzygies. It is awesome for all sorts of uses around the KK and not around the KK.
  14. Great job. ROFL
  15. Quite often I am in the dark.[emoji41]