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  1. Saturday Bread

    I know that person, she's wicked. Best not cross her.
  2. Sides challenge

    I have 3 of the Better Than Bouillon, chicken, beef and mushroom. It is a great enhancer.
  3. Winter Prep

    Jon, that is perfectly OK. Fill your boots Santa Jon.
  4. Sides challenge

    Shuley, it all looks delicious, great news about the purple crack.
  5. Saturday Bread

    The rest of the story- Add a little English Cheddar, Ivy's Secret recipe from WKEY Farms, are you familiar with that one Tekobo? It was tasty. The crust in particular has and awesome flavour and to think as a kid I cut all crusts off. Here is what was happening as the bread sang to me - It is a beautiful sound.
  6. Saturday Bread

    Foothill, you read my mind. I hated to cut the loaf though. [emoji7]
  7. Saturday Bread

    That's because all KK owners are always a step ahead.
  8. Saturday Bread

    My first try and I did bake it in the kitchen oven but you could do it in the KK no problem. How can this turn into... this? It sang to me the whole time I was taking pixs. Can't wait to cut it.
  9. Hot Sauce

    I wish I could give a post 2 Likes.[emoji4]
  10. Hot Sauce

    Looking very colourful and tasty.[emoji4]
  11. Just arrived from Tasmania, AU

    Try it on your fried egg again and see what you think now that the grind is adjusted.
  12. Just arrived from Tasmania, AU

    No, not at all. Just curious to see if you would still think, floral.[emoji4]
  13. Winter Prep

    Now Aussie that's an offer you can't refuse.[emoji16]
  14. Just arrived from Tasmania, AU

    Crunch on one see if you still think floral. [emoji4]Folks in your world are going receive a nice surprise gift.[emoji16]
  15. Chicken Thighs

    Tony, that is exactly what I was thinking. LOL