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  1. Such a nice evening, perfect time to fire up Pebbles and bake a couple of pizzas. Cheese on the bottom and cheese on the top, hot pepperoni, tomatoes, Salsa al Tartufo Speciale, fennel and anise seeds. KK is a little hotter than my normal cook but it is only heat soaked to about 500F. First one is baked. Second one is done, both took 8 mins and no wait time in between. Sliced. I used the Baking Steel 15 inch griddle just to see how it would work. Bottom crust.
  2. I have the Hottop roaster and have had it for many years, since I bought mine they have developed programmable models. I did have trouble with mine in the beginning but they were excellent to deal with and the problem was fixed and I've no trouble since then. I would buy from them again.
  3. And unlike a hair dryer this tool has variable speed for fantastic control. [emoji39]
  4. Steve, your cook is making my grilled cheese sandwich pretty lame. I love corn can't get fresh here for another month and a half at least, those mushrooms sound delicious and I'm sure the chicken kabobs are too.
  5. Let's try that mayo trick on a grilled cheese sandwich. Homemade toasted pumpkin and sunflower seed sourdough bread, KK smoked Gouda cheese and mayo on the outsides of the sandwich.
  6. I put it on after the shot.
  7. Foton, I'll start with a double please.
  8. cschaff, I had the OctoForks in to make sure they would clear the lump. I was using my 16.5 inch KK and there is not a lot of clearance between them and the lump. After I did that I wished I had taken the OF out because I then had to load the hot forks with the meat. I hope I don't make that mistake again. I think my mind was on my new tool and playing with it.
  9. erik, hopefully someone will chime in on their experience.
  10. A quick lunch with some leftover rib meat from yesterday's cook, sweet potato air fries and salad greens from the deck salad bar.
  11. Yes, but along with the fire starters I would use hair dryer, etc. to get it going good and then shut the lid. I would shut the lid to get that draft going from the bottom vent to the upper vent. BTW I would resist opening the lid also until need access.[emoji4]
  12. Probably, only one way to find out for sure just a very thin coat I would say and try it on your grilled cheese sandwich. [emoji16]
  13. Just to add to erik's post. Instead of leaving the lid open shut the lid tight and open up the top draft wide open and that will create a nice draft that should get that fire going.
  14. Thank you very much Bruce, I appreciate your comments a lot. I guess now that you have your hands clean you want to keep them that way, I can under totally.