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  1. What to do with left over pulled pork

    I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream.[emoji4] We say that in Canada too. [emoji7]
  2. A KK Loaded Pizza

    Every once in a while I like to make a loaded pizza and tonight was one of those times. Dough is ready- Pepperoni, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions are among the toppings. All dressed. Baked. Plated.
  3. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Thanks, Bruce, it is really a delicious soup.
  4. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Used my La Chamba casserole to make Ciorbă De Perisoare - rice and meatball soup. This casserole does a marvelous job of sauteing without burning. Most of the veggies came fresh from my garden. I still have tomatoes and peppers on the vine, amazing for this time of year around here. Rice, onion, garlic, egg, cooked rice and ground pork beef mix. Chopped veggies. Added the meatballs to the stock and veggies. Served with some micro greens, they are still growing too. There is a lot of stock in comparison to the veggies. I did put a serving or cooked rice in the bottom of the bowl before adding the soup. This soup is really tasty in fact I had two bowls and had to resist a third. This soup is based upon https://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Ciorba-De-Perisoare-Pork-and-Rice-Meatball-Soup
  5. Lots of New Teak & Stainless Cabinets in Stock

    Isn't that going to come in handy and it also looks great, nice job,SmokyDave.
  6. A Serious Gate.maybe "The Ninth Gate"?

    Foton, you have such interesting neighbours. They will keep you on your toes.
  7. A Serious Gate.maybe "The Ninth Gate"?

    Now that's a gate!
  8. Beef ribs

    Smokydave, what a lovely cook.
  9. La Chamba Portabella Stew

    I wish I could say that Jon, but we had at least 2 we're the birdbaths were frozen over. Ice 1/4 or more thick.[emoji21]
  10. What to do with left over pulled pork

    That ice cream bar sure caught my eye.
  11. La Chamba Portabella Stew

    Thanks, Bruce, after a few more days I should love it.;) Next time I will be more careful with that Harissa.
  12. La Chamba Portabella Stew

    Tyrus, you bought back some of my most favourite childhood memories. Thanks a million for that. I did not pick these, which I could have had that fun. When we were young my parents and sometimes my grandparents would go mushroom picking. I absolutely loved it, couldn't wait to get home and have those gems fried up and I'd always make a fried mushroom sandwich. Awesome stuff.
  13. La Chamba Portabella Stew

    This was my first use of my new clay pot and chose this vegetarian stew recipe because I love mushrooms. Last night did a little seasoning of the new pot with onions and garlic. Today it was onto the cook. Unfortunately I needed 3T of tomato paste and there was none to be found in the kitchen. I added 1T Harissa and a little tomato sauce. I should have only added 1/2 T Harissa. Here it is on the KK @ 290F for several hours until the carrots and potatoes were cooked. It is done. Served.
  14. My first pizza

    Those pizzas are looking very tasty.[emoji7] I have been tossing the idea of pizza bake around in my mind and they just may have pushed me over the edge.[emoji847]
  15. Riiiiiiiibs.....:

    Those ribs are looking fantastic. [emoji4]