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  1. Delicious, and just look at that smoke ring.
  2. I have the starter in the fridge. I hope I don't jinx tomorrow's bake.🤗
  3. Thanks, Garvin. That sandwich sure looks extra tasty. Garvin- May I suggest that to the Cuban bread recipe you add the cooking time and temp. The only place I could find it was on the video. Bake at 400F for 20-25 mins.
  4. I know one thing for sure, I'd like one of those sausages on a bun please.
  5. You will love how moist the chicken will be when it is cooked on the KK. PIxs pixs, pixs we will be waiting.
  6. What a great display of tasty looking cooks, everything looks soooooooo tasty.
  7. Beautiful.
  8. Things sure are looking extra tasty now just waiting for the ribs.
  9. Thanks everyone, I made an egg salad with bacon sandwich for breakfast.
  10. Thanks everyone, sweet tooth cured. Fortunately I don't have an active sweet tooth but every once is a while it acts up.
  11. Fantastic dinner, HalfSmoke.
  12. I have a 3/8 inch baking steel and love it for use in the kitchen, bought that before I bought the KK. On the KK I love the KK baking stone, no more burned bottoms and under-cooked tops. I've only done 1 deep dish pizza on the KK and I'm pretty sure I used cast iron.
  13. I say, "No." to spritzing. Every time you open the lid you let moisture out.
  14. If only I knew how to spell.