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  1. It should be fine, Aussie. I have never left mind that long between the washout and the smoking. I can hardly wait overnight but you really do need to let it sit uncovered before smoking. Go for it Aussie and let up know what you think.
  2. Thanks, CC, I must say I sure did enjoy it.
  3. Ahhh, thanks Aussie, I appreciate your comment.[emoji1]
  4. Shuley, what a fantastic selection of great cooks, awesome.[emoji4]
  5. No grill involved with this lunch of homemade spaghetti dinner.
  6. Aussie, that is a new one on me, I hope it means something good, if not don't tell me.
  7. The clarified butter would cost more than the steak.
  8. Thanks, Bruce, it is bits of hot Thai pepper.[emoji16]
  9. Pork Chops as promised, they are huge, tender and tasty. I am stuffed. Searing the chops- Plated.
  10. Tony, that really is the leanest bacon I've seen.:)
  11. Thanks, guys. Pork chops today.
  12. Fantastic looking sausages, CC.[emoji4]
  13. Just look at that moisture, wonderful dinner.
  14. Sous vide bacon wrapped beef tenderloin @132F for 4 hours. Then got out the KK torch to colour things up a bit.