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  1. People still eat margarine? Ribs look amazing though....
  2. Don't suppose you are anywhere near Edmonton? I don't see your exact location anywhere in your posts....
  3. We make a weeks worth of hard boiled eggs every Sunday using the Instant Pot, but this would work with any pressure cooker too. So simple....1 cup water, eggs (as many as you want to fit it) on a steamer rack for 8 minutes at high pressure. Throw immediately into an ice bath and done. They slide right out of the shell...
  4. Hehe....yeah, right! What's 4-5 days of driving (each way). If someone in Montana, Idaho, Washington state etc. was selling I'd be driving down on a moments notice...
  5. If only Virginia was closer to Alberta....*sigh* Good luck with the sale...
  6. I don't have a KK yet (saving up to get one with an upcoming yard reno) but I do have another super insulated kamado (Keg) which can create some issues getting enough combustion for good, continuous smoke. I found the best results come from putting your wood chunks UNDER the lump charcoal for each cook. I suspect this somewhat emulates what many have found from using the smoke pot method as well. I also cook at slightly hotter temps as well than often would be typical. It does take some effort for each cook to place new clean wood chunks underneath (a bit of coal reorganization) bu
  7. I've completely converted to high temp cooks for both brisket and pulled pork with amazing results. I can't ever see going back to low/slow for these as I found the higher temps cooks came out superior most times.
  8. If you can, particularly since they are larger pieces of meat, give them at least 24 hours to marinate in your seasoning/marinade. Longer the better!
  9. I've starting cooking brisket and pulled pork at much higher temperatures (350-400) and have been very happy with the results. The stalls are much less an issue and you easily finish things in your electric/gas oven. I did a pork shoulder on the weekend - 3 hours at 350. 3 hours in oven at 350 with some liquid. 1 hour resting wrapped in towel. Melted apart and finish temp was 206 I believe after the oven. p.s. Nice vino selection!!
  10. Yeah, we've got you balanced out on this side of the equator....820 tons. ...moved down local highways over several days. Quite the sight.
  11. My favourite for those is Korean BBQ style. Marinated and seared at really high temps. Quick search will find you a ton of recipes. Something like this: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/141716/korean-bbq-short-ribs-gal-bi/
  12. One of my favourite cuts now. My butcher has been cutting these out of his carcasses and no one around here seems to understand how amazing this cut is.... Some butchers will also confuse them or label them as the tri-tips. p.s. spelled Picanha
  13. Oh dear....sorry, sorry, sorry! Totally my bad on that one! It is refreshing rare (at least I find) to run across lady posters on the various BBQ forums so it's just an auto-pilot error.
  14. Of course with the 21 coming soon...
  15. Hehe.....I was teasing MacKenize over a post of his here on the forums where a few people commented about putting ketchup on his poutine.... Yes, bison is easy to come by here and we use it fairly regularly. Also elk as well. Bison is quite lean, so you have to be a little more careful with the cook as it dries out. Bison ribeye steaks are common as is ground bison (i.e. Bison burgers). Just slightly more "wild" tasting beef, but only barely so...most people don't notice any difference. The meat is supposed to be a bit healther due to their grazing habits etc. Most of our
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