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  1. That sounds tasty, tekobo, looking forward to it.
  2. A friend sent me a gift package and in it was a bottle of Orondo Ruby Cherry jam among other goodies. After much thought I decided to start with the cherry jam on freshly made sour dough bread. Just look at this goodness - Plated. Good to the very last bite. Not only does the jam look spectacular but it tastes fantastic. I love the colour, the clarity and the perfect bite sizes of fruit. Needless to say I very much enjoyed breakfast from my corner chair in the ODK. Thanks, Friend.
  3. I think we definitely need to add the Milwaukee Compact blower to the list, this was also first suggested by Syzygies. It is awesome for all sorts of uses around the KK and not around the KK.
  4. The eclipse is making me mad, that is the only way I can explain this playing with food thing. I must be cracked. Plated.
  5. The sausages were made previously but the buns are a new to me recipe. Ready to rock and roll. Baked, I can't believe I didn't take any in between pixs. Sausage is cooking on the KK using the OctoForks. Building the sandwich, sausage, mayo, sriracha, and sauerkraut salad, Added some tomatoes from my Tiny Tim pland and some cheese. Tasted very good.
  6. A friend gave me a bag of carrots so it just seemed the right time to make carrot soup. Roasted the veggies at 375F until the colour was just right. I didn't really time it as I was also getting breakfast ready. Done, ready for the blender along with ginger, soft tofu, vegetable stock, pepper, salt, and cumin. Used the blender to heat the soup. Soup is served with some sourdough croutons chives and grated carrot. While we are on the yellow/orange kick how about a little homemade lemon ice cream.
  7. Great job. ROFL
  8. Quite often I am in the dark.[emoji41]
  9. Well, it is All in the Family,
  10. I mean did he really name the beer, Purple Crack Beer?
  11. Great dinner, like you say it looks like more.
  12. Tony, did you really name it Purple Crack?
  13. It fits right in like it has always been there, gorgeous setup.
  14. It is hard to believe that the Vitamix can get the soup piping hot in just a few mins. I made a new batch without roasting the veggie first to see the taste difference. There is as expected a noticeable difference in colour and in flavour. The roasted veggies gave a much darker soup and a more mellow taste. I was expecting the big colour difference but not the huge flavour difference. Both are good in their own way.
  15. I have an empty plate here and travel with knife and fork.
  16. They are indeed a piece of art that are to be admired as well as used.[emoji3]
  17. Thanks EGGARY, the ribs were smoked direct using the OctoForks.
  18. Smoked 2 slabs of pork back ribs tonight for 3 hours about 235F. Used the cold smoker with whiskey barrel wood. Still smoking after 3 hours. Ribs are done. Plated. Yes ketchup was involved with those fries. I think Aussie is in the neighbourhood. Biggest one I've seen around here and just look at that web.:(
  19. That sounds like a great idea, Charles. it's always wise to have some of these great tasting dinners in the freezer for a quick supper.
  20. Aussie, your rib dinner looks very tasty indeed.
  21. Wow, ck, those looks delicious. I will have to copy that.
  22. Thank goodness this carrot soup wasn't as bland as some I've had served to me. The tofu also made the soup nice and creamy and with some body.
  23. I hope things continue to improve for you and the family.[emoji4]
  24. Thank you, so glad to hear from you. I was beginning to worry.[emoji1]
  25. Looks like another one to those crusts using your freshly ground flour, I know it must taste wonderful.