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  1. You are full of wonderful news today, first that is fantastic news about the pup[emoji4][emoji4][emoji4]and a nice score on the watch.[emoji4]
  2. I just wish I was enjoying a piece of that cheesecake right now.:)
  3. Aussie, those are two tasty looking cooks and I can see just how juicy the tri-tip is.
  4. Made a potato scallop to go with the sausages. It is ready for the 50 mins in a 375F oven while the sausages are on the grill. The Italian sausages are on the OctoForks. Sausages are just on the grill at 375F. 25 mins. later and they need 10 more mins. Ready to eat. Scallop is done. Plated.
  5. Gotta love those greenpepper corns.[emoji38]
  6. I do have a torch.[emoji38][emoji38][emoji38]
  7. Certainly a delicious meal.
  8. Fun video to watch and great results of that indirect cook.
  9. It is always fun to look at your assortment of tasty cooks, Shuley.:) Keep those ideas coming.
  10. Thanks, guys, I just put it all under the kitchen broiler for a few seconds to melt that cheese.:)
  11. Started the cure last Mon. Washed it out yesterday and let it rest overnight. This morning I am already to smoke, have to get this done as we are due a winter storm tomorrow. I hope it fizzles. This last weekend was miserable, bitter cold with high winds, -29C Sat. night and to add to the misery my internet went down about 5PM Fri and it was down until about noon today. Every few hours I had about 2 mins of service, but you had to be right at the pc to catch it. Needless to say I was looking forward to doing something fun this morning.:) It looks pretty anemic but just wait. The KK is running around 210F and there are several pieces of wine barrel smoking wood on top of Maple-leaf lump. IT is now 147F. Time to remove it.:) The flip side- It is now resting in the fridge and I'll slice and package it tomorrow. One must never run out of breakfast bacon. I could not wait until the morning so I sliced it up this evening.
  12. Tony, I have done bellies after 5 days in the cure and never had a problem.
  13. Yes and she is releasing her latest album. Not only that she is the oldest person to have a hit album, she was 90 at the time. Here is one of her US hits.
  14. Had a leftover Italian sausage and cheese on a bun for lunch today-
  15. Easy to see why she was voted the "Sweetheart of the Troops". Her image is being projected on the white cliffs of Dover today. I found this interesting and telling- In 1944, with the global war at its height, Lynn undertook a tour to entertain British troops in Egypt, India, and Burma. In later years she would express her amusement when Spice Girl Geri Halliwell demanded a refrigerator full of soymilk before performing for soldiers bound for Iraq. "She's lucky to be somewhere there is a fridge," she told the Guardian, recalling her stays in grass huts with a bucket of water for a shower. But the trip to distant Burma was worth it. "I remember one of the boys saying, 'Home can't be that far away, 'cause you're here,'" she told the Guardian. "It shortened the distance somehow."
  16. Good luck, I hope you enjoy the bacon.
  17. Good one, Tony. ROFL
  18. Well, what more can I say. It was such a beautiful surprise to wake up to this- Nice white light and fluffy. Enough to get the snow blower fired up. All of a sudden I noticed a bright white light and wonder what is that doing there, then realized it was the sun. Thanks, Tony for brightening things up.
  19. Thanks, Tony, that is what I said to myself. [emoji4]
  20. I don't think I would do it for 3 days, maybe a day.
  21. This won't be a proper cure. You could try this and see if you like it. I wouldn't add too much salt unless you plan on washing it off before you cook it. If you add a lot of salt and don't wash it off your bacon is likely to be too salty when you eat it. This "green " bacon is not going to keep like properly cured bacon does.
  22. Well, that certainly makes me FEEL a lot better. ROFL.
  23. Fannie, I wish I could be of more help. I have experience with this situation but having said that if it was me I would put a few slices on the grill and cook them using low heat and see how it goes. Next time make sure the bellies are not presliced. Then do the whole curing process, etc.
  24. fanie, are you saying that it is already sliced? I have only cured 5 pound slabs, then smoked them and then sliced. Maybe you should consider doing what Dennis did with his slices. I use a thermometer to tell me when it has reached 145F. I don't know how else I would do that.
  25. It did melt but more snow tonight, ice pellets, freezing rain followed by rain.