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Everything posted by MacKenzie

  1. ROFL
  2. I am like Tony not much of a dessert person but that looks delicious.
  3. I am sure glad you have your KK up ready to fire but sorry to hear you are going on vacation. Guess we will just be kept in suspense until you return.
  4. Aussie, those pepperberries sound great For ice cream.:)
  5. ROFL
  6. I bet you are now very popular at that coffee shop. :)
  7. Oh so you were holding back on us. Sorry to hear your wife was not feeling well. I hope things have improved for here and that she is now feeling better.
  8. Better stay out of his way.:)
  9. Thanks, Steve.:)
  10. Holy Smokes, Paul, did you ever start the day off with a bang and you kept right on going. Everything looks delicious and that chicken is lovely and moist. [emoji4] [emoji4]
  11. It all started first thing this morning as I went out to feed the critters, this cute little critter was waiting for me. Getting ready for the cook- Potato Scallop Homemade chicken sausage and potato scallop dinner is on the KK. Cooked. It has been a fun day, while the grill was heating up I watched a woodpecker at the suet feeder, a squirrel at the sunflower tray and a beautiful male pheasant eating cracked corn. Hard to beat this.:)
  12. What a tease you are Keith.
  13. ROFL
  14. Skewers sound very interesting.
  15. Your chicken looks great and I can understand about the veggies as they cook they will soften up and tend to move around on the tines which means they loosen up and fall off. Keith has them all jammed up with no place to go as they cook. Lots of learning and tons of fun doing it. What was your grill temperature?
  16. Made a batch of sub buns today. Used the buns to make a chicken sausage sandwich with yesterday's grilled sausage.
  17. Take lots of pixs, you are being watched.
  18. No apology needed, it is one of those names that gets used for both females and males.:)
  19. or madame [emoji6]
  20. Great so you get two of what is pictured when you order a pair.
  21. I have a question, is this considered one OctoFork or a Pair?
  22. Tasty looking dinner, ck.:)
  23. Where did that delete button go?
  24. I hope to make these soon.:)
  25. Go for it Garvin and I will copy your mother's recipe.