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  1. I bought a 5 pound section of pork belly and took it home to cure for bacon but when I started to trim some of the fat there was no end to it. I was left with half of the slab. A couple of days later I went into town and complained about the overly fatty pork belly, the result was that they did give me my money back. This morning I thought I'd fry up a taste test and do a sous vide egg. Here is the bacon frying, just look at that fat.:( The part that turned this breakfast cook into being placed in the jokes section is - The eggs were very fresh so there was trouble getting the shells off, even the spoon trick wouldn't work. So I thought, crack the shell on both ends, remover that and blow. I ended up blowing the most of soft yolk out of the egg and into my hand. So no pixs. Almost no egg.
  2. MacKenzie

    Competition Brisket

    What a great job on that brisket, looks so tasty, tender and moist. It looks like your dog is just waiting to sample this cook.:)
  3. MacKenzie

    Piggy Pizza Toppings

    Now there's a plan, Tony.:) Anything to get good food.
  4. MacKenzie

    Brisket and Short Ribs - Help !

    Sounds like mine, Tony, still going when I ask it to.:)
  5. MacKenzie

    Piggy Pizza Toppings

    I think I'll just send you the money and you can do my buying.
  6. MacKenzie

    Please help the newbie.

    First, I must say that is one cute dog. It must be pretty exciting at your house these days what with all the new toys and the arrival just around the corner.
  7. MacKenzie

    Piggy Pizza Toppings

    Just look at all those treats.
  8. MacKenzie

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Alimac, I like the look of that bread!
  9. MacKenzie

    Brisket and Short Ribs - Help !

    Sometimes shipping is so crazy. I'm not keen on paying more for shipping than the items costs either.
  10. MacKenzie

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Amusedtodeath, you are sure cooking up a storm, looks verrrrrrrrry tasty.:)
  11. MacKenzie

    Beef ribs

    Lots of moisture in those ribs.
  12. MacKenzie

    Please help the newbie.

    What great presents, love that Staub.:)
  13. MacKenzie

    Wagu picanha burger

    Everyone knows just from the last pix that this is an Aussie post.
  14. MacKenzie

    WFO Baking in the Rain

    Isn't that all part of the fun, the learning curve. I like it.:)
  15. MacKenzie

    Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Amusedtodeath, that pork butt is moutwatering. Tony, chicken shawarma looks extra tasty, what a great meal.
  16. MacKenzie

    Mother's Day for carnivores

    RandyS, your first KK steak dinner looks delicious, first of many I suspect.
  17. MacKenzie


    Sure looks very tasty.
  18. MacKenzie


    Tangles, that is great. I have jerky on my to do list, having never having done it before. Thanks for posting your recipe.:)
  19. MacKenzie

    London/Iceland good questions.

    Thanks, tekobo for posting those pixs. Even though I couldn't taste the dishes they certainly looked interesting and delicious.
  20. MacKenzie

    Snake in my KK!

    I'd suit up in full armour gear before lifting that lid or get your daughter to lift the lid.
  21. MacKenzie

    Snake in my KK!

  22. MacKenzie

    Snake in my KK!

    Did you call animal protection services to collect it.
  23. MacKenzie

    London/Iceland good questions.

    This was going to be a double post so I eliminated it.
  24. MacKenzie

    London/Iceland good questions.

    I am teasing you for only posting 1 pix which caused me to severely salivate and telling us how great the menu was- leaving me wanting more, more, more.
  25. MacKenzie

    London/Iceland good questions.

    That is all very fine but I'm feeling left high and dry.