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  1. ck, that sure looks like an extra tasty and fun meal, delicious.
  2. Pressure Cooked the potatoes and squash then put them on a 350F grill with some homemade chicken sausages. Plated.
  3. They maybe playing with only a half a deck as it is.
  4. Isn't that something beautiful.
  5. I have read posts from folks in the south who would rather stay indoors with the AC on than go outside in the heat to grill, that's what I'm talking about.:) I should add it would be a foggy Fri. before I'd cook my grilling foods in the house.:)
  6. That is the good thing about our summers, it us never too hot to grill. [emoji4]
  7. I had to put my dark glasses on to even look at that grate.[emoji41][emoji41][emoji41][emoji41][emoji41]
  8. Shuley, many of we northerners grill all year long too, we just suffer a little more to do it. [emoji23][emoji41][emoji23]
  9. golfpro, if you don't see what you want in the KK store email Dennis and that will get you the info you want.
  10. When one side of the house looks like this- It is great to have road side curb service. Veggie pizza ready for grill- olives, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Baked. The cooler in the background contain a pork loin curing to make Canadian Bacon for a friend. Ready to serve. Plated.
  11. Nice looking burgers, Aussie.[emoji4]
  12. What a great looking dinner, sooo tasty and so moist. I agree with Tony on the sous vide.[emoji4][emoji4][emoji4][emoji4]
  13. I very much like the ash/spark deflector, love the baking stone, it is not just any baking stone - is specially formulated so the bottom and top cook at the same time, have never used the stone heat deflector, and I am OK with dual drafts.
  14. I finished using the pizza dough that I started last Fri. It has been fermenting in the fridge for 4 days. A very good friend whose opinion I value sent my this link to the dough recipe. I, also, think it is great. It is quick to make, as it just takes a few seconds to get the gluten to form using the food processor. However there is one big draw back, any time saved useing the food processor is eaten up by cleaning the processor. So don't expect to save any time but you will get a great dough for pizza. The toppings, cherry tomatoes, Monterey Jack cheese, parmesan cheese, KK smoked bacon ends, dehydrated tomatoes ( leather texture), some processed meat that arrived home at Xmas, black olives, anise and fennel seeds. Pizza is loaded and ready to bake at 455F for 9 mins. Baked, the crust is crispy on the outside but chewy on the inside. You can see how crispy the crust is on the slice on the right side. View of the dough crumb. The bottom crust.
  15. Aussie, it looks like you Nan's stove tiles are falling off. Guess that was before Dennis's time. Paul, that looks like a fun way to start the day.:)
  16. That is good news, to have come so far from disaster to almost back to working order.
  17. 4wood, welcome to the KK family and thank you. I'm sure you will be very happy with your "first" KK and you are going to enjoy every bite of whatever you cook on it. Wait until you try the chicken, yummy and more moist than you ever dreamed.
  18. Wow, just look at the colour on that turkey, excellent. Poultry on the KK is moist alright.
  19. One of these days I am going to spin some too, I hope they come out as good as yours.[emoji3]
  20. Aussie, those ARE two precious reminders of your Grandmother.
  21. Well, dinner looks awesome. and I love this pix.
  22. Now that's a big clue.
  23. Another in house bake today. Made a loaf using a recipe from HalfSmoke's, Field Blend bread for a neighbour. Decided to try out an old pan for a loaf of sourdough to see how it would work. The taste test.