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  1. After seeing Aussie's rotisserie rib cook I just had to try it. Normally I would sous vide boneless beef ribs but what the heck it's a nice day and I feel like playing. Camera battery was dead when I put this on the KK so no start pixs. After 6 hours at about 240F it looked like this- Sliced, the meat had a wonderful flavour and it was moist. Thanks for that great idea, Aussie.
  2. Thank you very much Bruce, I appreciate your comments a lot. I guess now that you have your hands clean you want to keep them that way, I can under totally.
  3. Very nice assortment, I am thinking the hotter things are maybe the less one eats, if that is so it's a great way to diet.:)
  4. I'd like to try that Habanero Death Wish, maybe just once.
  5. FotonDrv, I can see you are having a rough day,
  6. No no , Tony, I can have a gentle air flow with this thing, total control at the finger tips.:)
  7. I couldn't resist Syzygies's suggestion of the Milwaukee Compact Blower. He says it is the bomb and I second that. I love the amount of control you have over the air flow, there are 3 speeds and the trigger is a variable control for each of these. This amount of control means that when the sparks start to flow you have fast easy control that will keep the sparks manageable. I suppose this is more important in the 16.5 inch KK which is where I was using the blower. Another benefit is that one can blow the ODK counter clean as well as the floor. There is an extension of about 10 inch with a soft tip and I have that on in the pix but you could take that off it you thought it was too long for the job. It really does just take a few seconds to get a nice fire going. Today I am doing a low temp cook so I don't want a huge fire. Thank you Syzygies.
  8. everything on those plates looks sooooooo tasty.:)
  9. cschaaf, thanks for posting that link. Some great tips there. I have used mayo on buns to toast before but never tried it on the actual meat but I do need to try that.
  10. Aussie, those sure are tasting looking ribs and you have a nice smoke ring on them too. How did you like this method as opposed to the non roti cooks you have done?
  11. That is exactly what I thought Steve as I took the first bite, It melted in my mouth.
  12. Yearning for a little steak so this fit the bill. Plated with spinach right out of deck salad bar, this was the first batch of steamed spinach, some tasty.
  13. Tangles, looks like you are off and running, great first cook and there will be many more to come.
  14. erik, what a grrrrrrrreat pizza cook.:)
  15. Wings look deeeeelicious.:)
  16. Tangles, your little girl already has it all sized up and stamp of approval given. The KK and your little girl are both gorgeous. Good luck with the first cook and burn in tomorrow.:) Looking forward to seeing the pixs.
  17. Gorgeous looking drumsticks.
  18. The last time I was in the big city shopping I visited my favourite butcher and saw "Billion Dollar" burgers in the show case window. They are a mix of beef and pork and umpteen other ingredients. I just had to try them. First I needed to make buns that would hold the burgers. Did that yesterday. Thought I might just as well have a special breakfast too. The billion dollar burger- On the grill- Searing. Then started putting it together, A round of cheese toasted on the bottom of the bun. Add some lettuce from the deck herb garden. Add the burger to the bottom and some mayo sriracha mix to the toasted top bun. Top with a couple of air fried onion rings. Add the top. It doesn't look that big but trust me it was. I couldn't eat another bite of anything.:) .
  19. Well, dstr, you just brought a smile to my face and some memories to my mind. Thank you. BTW this pie crust had Maple Leaf lard in it, the the way my mother made it, except she always did a fantastic crust. She could whip up a pie before breakfast.[emoji7]
  20. I usually make one rhubarb pie a year and today was the day. Skipped lunch just to make sure I could eat a BIG piece of fresh rhubarb pie. Things are looking good. Poured the filling into the pie shell and added the lattice work. Baked at 400F for 35 mins. and called it done. Nice and juicy. Allowed it to cool for about 30 mins. and lifted that first slice out. I was so looking forward to having a big slice of this tart sweet juicy rhubarb pie. I had to scoop it out with a spoon! I hope the next piece comes out in tact.
  21. Keith, those thighs look sooooooo delicious.:)
  22. Yikes!!!!!!!!
  23. Wow, that is some cook and sure sounds and looks delicious. BTW, I love the colour on that skin.
  24. Thanks, Tony, this is the worst looking pie I have ever made but it tastes as good as it usually does.:)