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  1. Some Days Are Diamonds

    This was one one of them- First thing was to smoke some bacon, 2 slabs as a matter of fact, the whole belly of an organically raised pig. I am aiming for 145F IT and grill temp around 215-220F with some cherry, maple and whiskey barrel smoking woods. Done as planned. While I was waiting for the bacon to finish I made some homemade spaghetti. The little white dish has some shaved cured egg yolk in it. It is going on the plated spaghetti. Plated with Parmesan cheese and shaved egg yolk.
  2. My first cook in a long long time…

    No carved pics but the turkey was moist and nicely done throughout. You realize you are going to get a lump of coal in your stocking! Beautiful tree.
  3. Some Days Are Diamonds

    Now the rest of the story- sliced, vacuum sealed and froze the bacon this morning. Taste test was next. This bacon did taste very nice, it had a different flovour than my bacon from store bought belly and the lean was more tender and the fat seemed to be more clear. I have to wait until next fall to do it again. The farmer only raised 10 pigs /year.
  4. Pork ribs

    Dinner is calling, yummy.
  5. Cooking a whole chicken using OctoForks

    Looking at your OctoForks, I believe you put them together exactly as I did, LOL. Keith from OctoForks pointed out that there should be a bolt in the square hole at the end. It will make it easier to adjust the forks. I thought you might enjoy the background.
  6. Cooking a whole chicken using OctoForks

    As you suggested you could brine. Often I do that with pork chops, just using a lite brine for a couple of hours and then let them just rest in the fridge for and hour or so. Thicker cuts I'd brine longer and rest longer. I do like the lite brine technique. Sygyzies on this site suggested 1/2C sea salt per gallon and a little less sugar. For chicken brine for 4 hour or more and I'd do a 2 hour rest in the fridge after that.
  7. Cooking a whole chicken using OctoForks

    Looking good from here, that is how I would put a whole chicken on the OctoForks. One thing I found helpful is to tie loose and flapping parts with some cotton string to the tines or wherever. Sounds strange to say this over an open fire but so far it has always worked and the string has not burned off. Mind you I don't have a rip roaring fire going.:) Sometimes I cut the chicken in half and then I would put it on the tines like you did in your first pix. Sometimes I only use one OctoFork but if I thought there was any danger of things slipping off I put the other set of tines on backwards just close enough so that there is no room for things to fall off. Personally I think you will find a big difference in cooking on the KK. There will be a world of taste difference. Remember, if you are looking you aren't cooking, keep that lid shut. :):):) The delivery excitement is rising.
  8. Pulled pork

    I'll say it's looking gooood. [emoji4][emoji4]
  9. First low n slow cook.

    You hit the jackpot, beautiful daughter, beautiful cat and beautiful ribs.
  10. Taste cook, nice colour on the duck.
  11. Just another day in Buffalo

    You have the spirit,eh.[emoji4]
  12. My first cook in a long long time…

    Report back with pics I hope.[emoji4]
  13. Some Days Are Diamonds

    Funny I use Ruhlman's too but no juniper berries in it. Guess I need to get my book out. More experimenting what fun[emoji4][emoji4][emoji4]
  14. Saturday Bread

    My first try and I did bake it in the kitchen oven but you could do it in the KK no problem. How can this turn into... this? It sang to me the whole time I was taking pixs. Can't wait to cut it.
  15. Some Days Are Diamonds

    Thanks, Tony, not yet. I wanted to see how the taste of this local pork belly compares to my supermarket ones. One of these times I will try it for sure. I normally do a dry cure for the breakfast bacon.
  16. Saturday Bread

    Tazmanian pepper berries, Aussie sent some to Tony and because they stain everything purple and are addictive he started calling them purple crack.
  17. My first cook in a long long time…

    Nice job on the turkey smoking. BTW if those toes were here they'd be frozen digits as it is only 18F and I'm wearing my winter coat smoking pork belly.
  18. My first cook in a long long time…

    Looking good and I am so glad that you are going to keep us updated with pixs.
  19. Winter Prep

    We are very likely to get snow in the next few days or so. I thought while the sun is out I'd better finish the preparations. First thing I did was get "Little Barbie" out. The first winter I had the ODK we had a huge storm in Nov. That sent me to the store as soon as the roads opened up to get something to clear the deck off. I had done my research and knew what I wanted. As I came to the counter along with a whole bunch of guys buying their big gas snow blowers I could see the smiles as they looked at my selection.No matter, undeterred I paid and headed home. Since then we have had several blizzards and never once has Little Barbie let me down. Now I'm the one with the big smile. That thing can throw snow. Next thing is to get the Sunbrella shades up to keep the snow off everything. It is easy to get at both KKs when needed. Let it snow, let it snow.
  20. Wood chunk size

    You could throw in some chips to if you have them. Good luck.[emoji4]
  21. Saturday Bread

    and there is one more[emoji4][emoji4][emoji4]
  22. Saturday Bread

    Thanks, guys and I still have enough dough to do one more pizza.
  23. Cold smoker question

    There are times I struggle as well especially if there is no fire in the KK. It seems to me that when I smoke things like bacon and there is a fire in the KK and the temp is around 225F the cold smoker works very well but I haven't done it that many times to say for sure that is always will work.
  24. Wood chunk size

    In my Dutch oven smoker I use sticks that are about 3 inches long and around 1/2 in in width and thickness.:)
  25. Just arrived from Tasmania, AU

    Keith, those roasts and burnt ends look and sound verrrry tasty. A lot of happy eaters I'm sure.