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  1. tangles, don't be afraid to call Dennis Linkletter. He will be very happy to helpful and won't pressure you, guaranteed.
  2. Awesome, ck.🤓
  3. Gorgeous pizza, encouraged by your pizza, I hope to start some dough tomorrow and maybe a pizza for Monday. :9
  4. ck, that is way too thick.
  5. You have my address. [emoji7][emoji41]
  6. Key word might be "thin".
  7. I have been waiting for the kabob skewers ever since I received my OctoForks. That cooks looks awesome.
  8. I will be watching for that purple crack rib post.[emoji4][emoji4][emoji4]
  9. That was absolutely wonderful.
  10. This just arrived this morning and I have already put it to use and I must say I think I'm going to like it. Made my first batch of fries from an old shriveling russet potato. The first bite was OK but as I kept munching they began to grow on me. I spiced them up with pepper, salt, cayenne pepper and paprika. Yes, Tony, I ate them with ketchup and really enjoyed them. Can't see me getting out the deep fryer in the near future. i am not saying they taste like the perfect deep fry but spiced up and low in fat makes these very satisfying. Just out of the air fryer and a little crispy. Spiced up .:) Now I want to try potato chips.
  11. Your pizza looks very tasty. I try to cook mine around the 500 F mark also, not too much higher. I set the rack with the KK pizza stone in it on top of the main grate and that gets the pizza up into the dome more.
  12. Aussie, that issomething else for me to try.
  13. I did buy it at a health food store, RED plan oil that is unrefined is what you want not refined palm oil it is not good for you. Besides reading the label to see if it is refined or not, the good stuff is red and the refined is not red - go for the red.
  14. Tony, have you tried wedges from raw yet? I did a batch yesterday and liked the results, although more crispy on the outside would have been a bonus, the inside was a nice textiure, kind of creamy feel in the mouth. I did use the Red Palm oil and 375Ffor 17 mins.
  15. I bet you are glad you bought the KK and just wait until next winter when you can do the same:)
  16. Awesome photos, Aussie.
  17. Awesome, gotta get me some chicken breasts, I've got the forks.
  18. That would be perfect for Robert.[emoji41]
  19. Yes, we have them for Nov. 11th.
  20. Tony, if those folks from the tv show Hoarding see this you could be in serious trouble.
  21. Lots of fun this evening, KK rotisserie going with half a chicken on the OctoFork and baked potato in the AirFryer Plated. Yes, that is an air fried double baked potato.
  22. Thanks, Keith B, air fryer is another tool as is a slow cooker and there are different brands. I did pick one from the Philips Avance series. I can control the time and temp, and cook many different things. Some brands are made for fries only and you don't have a lot of control over things.
  23. Thanks, Aussie, it is the new toy on the block.:)