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  1. Tony, winter is always a challenge, we just got over a blizzard, followed a day later by an evening of 80-100 km/hr winds and rain. Tonight is back to the deep freeze.
  2. What a tasty viewing I had this morning thanks to all those delicious cooks that have been posted.
  3. Alimac, I love the look of your cooks, beautiful. I can just bet the 2 girls will benefit from your time tremendously.
  4. Tony, thanks for the thermometer tip. Right after a weather bomb which is supposed to start tomorrow we are going into a double digit negative deep freeze. Brrrrrrrrrr
  5. They don't, pebbles cook better, I have pebbles.
  6. That's a great breakfast, Tony and nasty weather, not so much the snow but the temp.:(
  7. That might be a tough sell, I bet you wish you had the KK for this cook, soon.
  8. Pouchie, I'll send you some C o l d and W i n d.
  9. Glad you are OK, Aussie, and Season's Greeting to you and everyone.
  10. Wanted a dinner that would have leftovers for tonight and here it is, pork tenderloin and potatoe scallop. Plated. I am afraid I overcooked it but still tasty.
  11. Meanwhile back at the ranch I had a quick supper. It was a grilled cheese sandwich but the cheese was smoked last fall and it pushed this sandwich over the top. The bread was homemade using white and freshly ground whole wheat and rye flours.
  12. Troble, you are driving me crazy, it's bedtime here and I'm sure I'm going to be dreaming of this cook. Looks wonderful.
  13. Great planning, Tony, this time of the year one needs to adjust the cook to the weather conditions more than ever. A warm spell, make the most of it.
  14. I knew this chili was hot hot so I thought I'll fix that I'll bake a sub bun and put the chili in that. The cheese was previously smoked on the KK that will add a touch of goodness.
  15. A lot of us use a vertical skewer rack, like this and it just sits on one of the grates.
  16. It's a case of use one or the other, either the cradle OR the spit, both have their advantages.
  17. Beans, beans, just look at those lovely beans in my chili. Add a little chocolate.
  18. Wow, what an awesome KK and the cooks you have done already are equally awesome.
  19. @Troble, what an awful thing to happen. The damage that water can do is amazing. Best that you did get right on top of it.
  20. @Remi, what an awesome feast, your father-in-law must have been pleased to say the least.
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