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  1. Caroline, welcome and yes, best to arrange for help, better safe than sorry. Don't forget to take pixs, we love seeing new arrivals.
  2. Spring is so close, Tyrus I can smell it.
  3. You can say that again Bill and unless the forecast has changed there is a waring out for Mon. 15-25cms of the white stuff.
  4. Wet snow falling all day didn't hinder this KK cook of baby back pork ribs. About 5.5 hours at 260ish. Plated.
  5. Bill, I'd love to be one of those eating a corned beef sandwich on your homemade rye bread.
  6. Love those wood storage bins, Tekobo including the Blox, the cube one.:)
  7. I moved from the Primo, similar to the BGE to a KK, there is a world of difference not to mention a world of difference in the taste of the food. The KK will take your food to the next level.
  8. @Wobster, I have never owned a BGE but did own 2 different Primo grills, then moved to the KK. There is a world of difference between the two, not just the purchase price but the taste of the food moved to the next level when I bought the KKs. Not only that, there are no cracked fireboxes etc. to worry about. I wish I had bought the KK in the first place and saved the agony. I have never regretted getting the KK for one second.
  9. These are indeed long term investments but I've found there are really no shortcuts.
  10. I've been roasting coffee beans for ages with the Hottop Roaster. I have been happy with the results but I am no expert.
  11. There you go, Poochie.
  12. @Troble, I agree getting back into KK cooking is just like riding a bike and you did a great job proving that point.
  13. Finally some warmish weather. I decided to make the most of it with a KK wing cook. Yummie. Steamed some cabbage then charred it a little. It was wonderful to be cooking in the ODK. 😍
  14. Tekobo, that is my go to recipe for pizza dough been using it for years and it has never let me down.:)
  15. It looks beautiful and I'm sure you are going to find a world of difference from your previous grill both in performance and in the taste of the food.
  16. Sounds like you are back in business, Bruce.
  17. Finally the blizzards let up enough so I could grill some pork patties today. Plated with steamed and roasted cabbage, rice and pickled beets. It sure was nice to cook on the KK for a change.
  18. We really are waiting to see your cooks on your beautiful KK.
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