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  1. Here's another way if you don't do SV. Smoke a pork shoulder, picnic, Boston Butt. Pull it apart by hand and remove all the fat, skin, connective tissue. Take all that discard and render it down in a skillet. You will have a skillet full of crispy bits and fat. Reserve all that. Throw however much pulled pork you want to prepare in a cast iron skillet. Put in some of the reserved fat and crispies and toss and pan fry it till the pork has a little crispiness. You can marinade the pork before smoking it, and / or season it with any spices or aromatics in the fry pan. I served this to a little old Mexican lady who declared it the best carnitas she ever ate. To take it to a party, throw it in an electric roaster and put it on 180º when you get there, it will be even better after it heats like that for a while.
  2. Get nine ribs. Foil three, pink paper three, run three naked. You'll have your answer.
  3. No ethanol involved.
  4. I tried the ammonia in a plastic bag trick to clean my grate and had it laying in the driveway. I forgot it was out there and backed over it! And by the way, that ammonia thing didn't do jack, even after 4 or 5 days in the bag. I never clean my grates, just thought I would try it for something to do. I'm never trying to clean them again. Just a quick scrape with grill floss now and then, that's it.
  5. First cook should be the highest purpose of a KK. Don't grill something... Smoke a pork shoulder; and feed any and all who will show up some spectacular pulled pork. You will be the champion of the neighborhood. In perpetuity. All will bow to you.
  6. The final product.
  7. A few nights ago...
  8. People who have been here awhile may remember this little gem:
  9. PBW didn't touch it. From now on just grill floss.
  10. What are those little circles and stars in front of the thread names?
  11. It's been some time back. Wasn't it fire monkey who was selling little quarter grates? They sat on top of one of the other grates. I have one but have not used it yet.
  12. Well hell, just cook on gas then!
  14. I would just as soon use the Guru port and put the food to be smoked down low in the KK.