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  1. A Very Small Brisket

    I’ll start one at 225° if I go play golf or something, otherwise if I’m at home, 275-350.
  2. A Very Small Brisket

    I cooked it at 300° till it hit an internal temperature of about 160 and then wrapped it in butcher paper for the remainder. It probe tested very tender before it hit 200°, I guess because it was prime, but I ran it up to 203° anyway and then took it off. I left it wrapped in paper and then wrapped it in foil and put it in a cooler with some towels for about 5 hours before I served it.
  3. A Very Small Brisket

    I did a 13 pounder Saturday, it was my best ever. Because it was Prime. And the technique, of course. Prime is expensive, but, how often do you smoke a brisket? It was a party for my staff, they have busted their asses and really performed lately. I wanted the best I could do for them. I decided on Saturday, this being the best brisket ever, that from now on it's Prime only. Across a lifetime of smoking briskets, it's not too expensive. And the results are incredible. I had a competition bbq'er at the party, who opined that NO ONE smoked a better brisket than his Dad. Reluctantly, he admitted this one was better. I don't think it was me, it was the grade of meat. When you smoke a brisket, you want to enjoy it, you want your family, guests, and friends to enjoy it. You don't do it everyday. Spend the money, buy Prime, and luxuriate in the experience! And use a good technique...
  4. Why?

  5. Naming the 23 inch Ultimate

    R2Blue 2
  6. Why?

    I'm @ my wits end... Sometimes, late @ night, thinking about life, I'm @ peace with where I'm @ in life. @ other times, I'm @ my limit of endurance. But I always know, @ any time, if I need a dose of friendship and camaraderie, I am welcome @ the KK forum!
  7. Naming the 23 inch Ultimate

    What color is it?
  8. Butcher paper at Costco

    Precisely the paper I use as well.
  9. Butcher paper at Costco

    Cook it til it hits 165º internal temp. Wrap. Check every 30 minutes thereafter til ice pick goes in easy and tender. Done. The longer you hold it wrapped in towels in a cooler, the better. Inform us.
  10. Butcher paper at Costco

    Alright Ken (NO @!) You say you never have wrapped. So, do it once. Try it once... One brisket.
  11. Cars you have owned that made you smile

    This thing still is!
  12. Cars you have owned that made you smile

    I wish I had never sold this little gem, it was a friggin rocket ship.
  13. Why?

    @ least it's there for people who think it's really where it's @
  14. Why?

    Eh, whatever. I don't like it. But carry on...
  15. What is the point of sticking an "@" in front of someone's name?