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  1. People who have been here awhile may remember this little gem:
  2. PBW didn't touch it. From now on just grill floss.
  3. What are those little circles and stars in front of the thread names?
  4. It's been some time back. Wasn't it fire monkey who was selling little quarter grates? They sat on top of one of the other grates. I have one but have not used it yet.
  5. Well hell, just cook on gas then!
  7. I would just as soon use the Guru port and put the food to be smoked down low in the KK.
  8. I have a little test dose of PBW coming. But frankly I'm sure I will just revert to never cleaning the grills, other than scraping big crud off with the Grill Floss.
  9. I let it soak for 5 days and it did not do jack. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Maybe bad ammonia. Perhaps I'll buy a new bottle and try again.
  10. Here's a deflector. A pizza pan, 18", fits perfect, with just enough clearance around the edges, on the charcoal basket handles! $10.00 on Amazon. Lightweight and easy to handle. It might warp but so what. After I try it I'll report. I might abandon the stone one...
  11. I always say the pork roast cook is the highest purpose of a KK. When I do picnics, I just leave the skin on and take it off after the cook, it's MUCH easier. Honestly I don't prefer the Boston to the picnic or vice versa. I just grab one that's the right size. One thing I harp on about the KK is the non critical nature of temp control, especially with a pork shoulder. Your 180º to 275º cook demonstrates that. I laugh when I remember my very first cook. It was a Boston butt, done in the driveway after the guy dropped off the KK. It was mid afternoon and I knew my wife was going to be pissed as hell I spent the money. I had been planning this for weeks, get the KK, take the afternoon off, smoke a pork shoulder and feed it to Penny the day of delivery, just to shove that wonderful smoky goodness down her throat before she could rage at me. Well, it wasn't done when she pulled in the driveway and had to park in the grass because this giant Bronze Behemoth was sitting on a wooden crate smoking away in the middle of the drive. After giving me a tongue lashing, she grudgingly admitted it was pretty good after I finished and served the pulled pork. But all day I was staring at my Maverick having a shit fit if the temp crept up to 230º or 240º from what I assumed HAD to be a constant 225º every second of the cook! I was diddling those vents like an idiot. Only with experience did I discover that temp control is not very important at all, at least for a lot of things, Maybe some few cooks demand it, but not many.
  12. Don't knock it til you try it...but I'll probably do up a batch in the PC this week just cuz we're talking about it
  13. I don't typically clean my grill grates except to scrape off big crud with my grill floss. But just to try something new I have my main grill in a water heater pan, bagged and sealed with ammonia. I'll break it out tomorrow and report.
  14. That's pretty cool.