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  1. Hat?!
  2. R2Blue 2
  3. I'm @ my wits end... Sometimes, late @ night, thinking about life, I'm @ peace with where I'm @ in life. @ other times, I'm @ my limit of endurance. But I always know, @ any time, if I need a dose of friendship and camaraderie, I am welcome @ the KK forum!
  4. What color is it?
  5. Precisely the paper I use as well.
  6. Cook it til it hits 165ยบ internal temp. Wrap. Check every 30 minutes thereafter til ice pick goes in easy and tender. Done. The longer you hold it wrapped in towels in a cooler, the better. Inform us.
  7. Alright Ken (NO @!) You say you never have wrapped. So, do it once. Try it once... One brisket.
  8. This thing still is!
  9. I wish I had never sold this little gem, it was a friggin rocket ship.
  10. @ least it's there for people who think it's really where it's @
  11. Eh, whatever. I don't like it. But carry on...
  12. What is the point of sticking an "@" in front of someone's name?
  13. World Spice has several variants of Za'atar
  14. will do.
  15. I have found that pork butt really does best cooked at a low temp for a long time. Unlike a brisket which can come out fine cooked hot and fast. A pork butt will be ok cooked hotter, but it is so much more tender cooked at 225 or so until it hits internal temp of 195-205 finish. This is my experience. I have tried a hot fast and wrapped in foil thing but no joy there, either.