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A Very British Salt Beef Sandwich

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This sandwich has been a few weeks in the making.  I started the kraut exactly a month ago today, inspired by a huge, overgrown beetroot from the allotment that needed to be processed into something good.  I found a recipe with that used beet, cabbage, onion and green beans.


The kraut has been sitting quietly in the corner of our dining room for the last month, fermenting away in this crock pot.


I tasted it today and it was just right.  A bright sour taste.  Into jars and into the fridge.


I have made salt beef a few times using this recipe: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/moslive/article-1359876/Salt-beef-You-make-dont-forget-tell-half.html  I usually use rolled brisket but this time I bought a hind quarter of beef and so used a silverside instead.  Less fat.  I hope that won't mean less taste.  The salt beef has been in the cure for a week and, usually, the next step requires me to boil it for about three hours.  We are going out this evening and I wondered if I could cook the salt beef sous vide instead.  I looked up a few recipes online and they ranged from 48 hrs to 3 days at 60C.  Given I am due to be away for work and will return at about the 60 hr limit, this seemed ideal.  Here is the beef vacuum packed:


I have put the sous vide machine on my husband's work bench in the plant room.  I have also told him it is meant to be there and I have not forgotten it..


All that remains is to make the rye bread for the sandwich of the year.  The shaped loaves are just waiting to go in the KK.  I am looking forward to this sandwich.  A fair bit of effort but a lot cheaper than a ticket to New York.  

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Thanks All.  I had to fly up North for business and landed back down South last night in the middle of a raging storm.  I am sure we were safe throughout but I was sufficiently unsettled to be looking for some comfort food when I got home.  Happily, the salt beef was sitting in the water bath, nice and warm on my return.  Nothing fancy - a nice, comforting salt beef and pickled cucumber sandwich on rye.  



I made the 20% ish rye Tartine bread.  Not enough rye for me so I will be trying another recipe this weekend.  The salt beef?  A little grey because I didn't use salt petre.  Very tasty.  Needs more fat.  Back to brisket next time.  

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