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Smoked meatballs.

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Alright, so I have been using my koko kamado quite a bit during Quarantine but this has to be one of my favorites.  I only do it a few times per year, and every time I wonder why I don't do it more often.  First, I've been making sourdough just like everyone and their mother. IMG_20200522_140459671.thumb.jpg.432f42d2b05c5839a7bf94f20807523e.jpgIMG_20200522_143740339.thumb.jpg.d9e8aac7b2fcb7475af465bd9106d1ea.jpg

Then I got to making some delicious meatballs.  I like them with a fair amount of sausage in them.


Then I throw them on koko to get a bit of smoke on them. 


Meanwhile, I get a delicious sauce going.  San marzano of course.  After its cooked a bit, I use an immersion blender to have the smooth consistency I prefer for a meatball sub. 


After that has come together, I combine them so the meatballs can finish cooking in the sauce. 


I thought

.. Why not make a pineapple upside down cake?... Did not use koko here. Annnnyway, after the meatballs were done assembly was a cinch and man are these good. IMG_20200522_183959304.thumb.jpg.f704d4621c3c22f5ac0e96ff25a485f9.jpgIMG_20200522_184118273.thumb.jpg.c45be93489da6be4d88169b2aef9b942.jpg

I highly recommend trying this.  The hint of smoke is a game changer. 

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