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At long last, it has arrived. Hello!

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Have been lurking for a while. Got on the wait list for a metallic bronze 32” about a year ago, just as COVID was heating up. Tile factory closed, which really put a damper summer 2020 BBQ plans as my cheap propane grill sprung a leak. Anyway, with bated breath she has finally arrived, and I’ll come out of the shadows now. It’s so beautiful. Well done, Dennis!



I was so excited that I actually started the burn in yesterday afternoon and wrapped up around midnight. Was planning on doing a roti chicken on the way up, but I think I’m missing a part. Decided to improvise and did a few pizzas at 550 instead as our maiden voyage. The dough was freshly made by my SIL, who has a PhD in food science and is an amazing baker. Used sour dough starter and instant yeast. Whatever she made only took an hour to rise and was awesome with perfect crust. I’m not a baker so .


Lillian’s 1hr pizza dough:


1 c sour dough starter

2.5 c 00 flour

2 tsp instant yeast

1 tsp salt

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp sugar

1 cup water


Looking forward to many more! This place is such a trove of good things, I’m having trouble picking where to start.








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