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Complete Madness- Sea Freight $25,000

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Over the last 35 years I've been shipping containers to the US from Indonesia, I've paid as little as $2,250 and as much as $6,400 for the sea freight. It costs another $1,800 to clear customs and have the container delivered and unloaded.  

Sea freight charges:
Surabaya to Long Beach/Los Angeles
May 2019           2,850
May 2020          4,200
May 2021           6,900
Mid 2021            9,400
June 1st 2021   11,900
August 15th - 31st  $19,500!!   
Validity only two weeks will go up again...
I've been eating it up to now.. but will be forced to add a "Sea Freight Surcharge" to all new orders.   And will need to start shipping the grills in two crates so we can stack the smaller ones.

Shipping Off the Hook.jpg

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Sorry to hear that Dennis. I think you know I work in roofing and solar manufacturing we’ve been seeing crazy material price increases for raw materials, electrical breakers, shipping costs, delays in the port all the stuff you’re talking about. This week I even contacted by green tea supplier who gets his product from China and I’ve been using from him since 2007. He’s out of stock and his product is stuck in port of Oakland for a month and he told me he has to raise prices when it lands….it’s everywhere 

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On 8/25/2021 at 3:42 PM, ZooBeeQ said:

Is it mostly because of how backed up everything is now and it will go back to normal, whatever that is sometime in the future? Its making that used KK in general looking really good!!

While I am not Dennis.. I am in another industry which has a lot of shipping containers from overseas and funny enough on a conference I was on a few days ago the shipping container costs came up and we were informed of the new costs of shipping containers being almost exactly what Dennis said above. My supplies gave absolutely no indication or expectation that the prices will go down again any time soon. In fact we were told certain containers were actually being actively bid on and some companies were basically paying to bump other companies off ships at prices even higher than $25k. 

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