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What fun!  I love playing with fire and your method is probably better than mine.  I was advised to start the fire over to the left in my allegro and the deck then gets heated up by radiant heat.  You just built a great big fire in the middle. That must heat the deck up faster. Gonna try that next time. And yes, I too need to replace my marginal yeast before my next try!

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Wow, first pizzas, and no disasters.:smt060

I sprinkle my peel with rice flour. It doesn't absorb water like regular flours so the dough tends not to stick to the peel. Another key is don't push, pull when you launch the pizza. If by chance you happen to not quite get it perfect when you launch let the pizza cook for a short period before you try to move it. Have fun, I don't doubt you will. :pint: 

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ah yes, sg chili crab is usually mud crab, which is also available in the market, but i have never made this dish. we usually can get two or three kinds of mud crabs here. the one packed with orange roe is heaven.

 i don’t know which crab we ate exactly, its definitely a blue variety. the fishmonger gave us a female, rest were males, but the male crabs taste better. we steamed them.


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special dinner tonight. got my hands on chilled rubia gallega striploin. rubia is an old galecian cow breed. it has this milky spoiled fermented bovine smell and taste to it. hard to explain. i prefer this over any other beef, including japanese waygu…

sous vide in apo to 118f and held temp for about an hour while i worked on the sauce and sides..

finished in the alfa burning wood
roasted veg accompaniment 
green peppercorn sauce 




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