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Golden brown

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No secret- I have had my KK for only 4 months. Have cooked whole chickens only twice- spatchcocked on one occasion, roti the other time. Followed rough guidelines on the poultry section of this forum vis a vis timing and temps. Perfect results both times.

Seems to me that the secret of golden brown skin on a chicken- is to get a KK....



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Use a jaccard meat tenderizer to pierce the skin.. makes it easier for the fat to render out..
Baking powder is slightly alkaline, helps to raise the pH level of the chicken skin. This in turn allows the proteins to break down, and broken-down protein equals faster browning and extra crisping.

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I use a little baking powder too, and as already mentioned a little higher temp. In the KK i've been cooking my chickens between 375 and 400. And I will take Dennis's advice and try a tenderizer too :) 

These ones were sauced just prior to taking off. the skin was already crispy.




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