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i have the 24" model. t

compressed bamboo charcoal sticks worked pretty well, so now i don't need expensive binchotan.

the tare i made is new so it wasn't too thick, but it was damn tasty. the chicken was so good..ehh..

i need to work on the skewering. not enough meat will burn the skewer.

skewers roll around if unbalanced.

skewers too short will burn your hands when picking up..

very fun to cook on. 











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yes, it's very nice, all aluminum construction with the inner lining that lifts out with the ash so cleanup is easy.  this does not have diatomite lining like other konro grills, but the charcoal lasts a surprising long time and cooks evenly. 

i just wish i had a slightly larger cart. the grill feet sticks out to the right and i need to balance it out with some ceramic blocks, but other than that, i'm quite happy with it..


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