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Grill design mod from forum feedback

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the 2010 model year of the KomodoKamado OTB comes with the patented "RibMonkey".

a trained monkey to baste and turn your ribs and other bbq items. now with the "RibMonkey" stainless steel port!


"i love my RibMonkey. all i do is blow a whistle. he loads the OTB with lump, gets it lit, rubs the ribs, puts them on, and takes them off. all i do is sit on my butt, drink beer, and hit him with a stick every once in awhile."

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Re: Grill design mod from forum feedback

All ready in production..

What's the point of doing research here if I not going to apply what I learn .....

From your feedback, here is some shots of the new 1/4" grill with the side handles and small door handle.. lower grill is open at front.




So what cha think?


I've gotta cutter and a' welder...looks like time to go buy some stainless wire, cut her up, and weld it back together...booger weld style :D (no tig, just mig)



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There's always one in the crowd...

This may be a nit and perhaps it'll make the grill more difficult to manufacture but I would prefer that the grill run North-South instead of East-West.

Taking food on/off, flipping steak/burgers... is easier in a North-South motion with a spatula. This is also true when cleaning the grill with a brush/rolled up foil... With the classic, one can simply rotate the grill 90* but with the OTB this is not possible. It's not too big a deal to come from the side.

I'm also thinking if the hinge is for coal management during long cooks, it should be in the back of the grill rather than the front so the meat can sit in the wider portion of the grill.

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I agree with the North-South idea, but that will make the hinges trickier.

Not sure I would agree with the flap being in the back, though. could be hard to get some lump into the middle of the basket from the back, since the dome is much lower back there.

I was thinking the same thing. Shoot, I'm scratching my head trying to figure out how to get the additional lump in the small basket through the front hole that is already there while cooking...or do you guys just dump pre-lit coal straight into the outer basket from the top opening?


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I also read from another post where Dennis replied, that the small basket is to help keep the charcoal together for a small cook and easy light. Well, I have a chimney, so I may just do away with the small basket and just load the big basket up. Use what I use, then shut her down when I'm done,,,and relight next time I'm ready to use. Man, I'm gonna love this thing!


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