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Roadside Chicken

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This is a great recipe, actually it's the best grilled chicken recipe I've ever tasted. Be careful, this stuff is very addicting. It's from a good Q friend of mine, Brian S., on another board we're on, it's overwhelmingly the most talked about recipe on there. It's based on the chicken you get at the roadside chicken stands (if you have any in your area). I hope you enjoy it.


1 cup white vinegar

1/2 cup veg oil

1/4 cup worcestershire sauce

1 TBS Sea or Kosher salt

1 TBS white sugar

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp white pepper

1/2 tsp celery salt

Mix/shake till well dissolved. I put mine in a old worcestershire bottle with the shaker top. You can marinade the chicken in the sauce for up to 2-8 hrs before cooking. If so discard marinade and make fresh for the cooking sauce. I apply the sauce every 5 min to both sides and turn every 5-10 min. Apply one final coating 5 min before removing from the grill. You can't put too much sauce on while grilling. It will build up a nice layer of flavors. I usually add one small piece of apple wood while grilling also.

Note: If you are going to marinate the chicken first, then leave the oil out for the marinade process. Make up a fresh batch for basting the chicken with the oil in the sauce. I highly recommend marinading for the max. time.

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I don't see any ingredients that would require that the sauce be kept in the refrigerator - Do you guys keep the sauce in the fridge or just in the cabinet between cooks? Also, have you tried preparing the sauce on the stove top to quicken the dissolving process? If so, does it change the taste? Thanks!

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I'm guessing it'll be OK to leave it out, but the amount is about right for a single cook. With frequent slatherings during the cook I'm usually left with only a small amount at the end - which I add to the leftovers to help to keep them moist even when I just pick straight from the fridge. I usually make it just before the cook as well, that way I can select a vinegar type based on mood.

Dissolving speed hasn't been an issue - there's a lot of liquid so a few shakes in a Tupperware container before I pour it into the bottle and it's good. You'll need to shake before applying anyway since the oil will separate. I use olive oil so I learned from the first go around that you should bring it in between uses - olive oil tends to congeal at the low temperatures we've got outside. :lol:

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Duk, I do it over what I'd call a med direct heat - 350 dome temp, lid down, turning every 10 minutes. For thighs it usually takes about 40 minutes to finish. I'm cooking them on the top/extended grate not the main grate, the spacing helps. Be warned, as I wrote above, this chicken is addicting; I honestly cannot stop eating it when I do it, that's how good the flavor is. I highly recommend marinading overnight and remember to baste while cooking. If you try it let me know what you think.

I'm off to grill my 22 oz porterhouse and make myself another Makers Mark and coke.

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I've actually been doing it indirect on the main grill with the lid closed and not turning - it also comes out great! The wife and I also like using apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar but balsamic also adds an interesting taste.

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The wife and I also like using apple cider vinegar instead of white vinegar but balsamic also adds an interesting taste.

I just made the marinade using champagne vinegar--it's pretty vinegar-ey obviously--still can't get an idea what the final product is going to taste like---t :D omorrow will tell

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Tried it

I gave it a whirl...

Used cider vinegar in my trial.

Spatchcocked two chickens, actually halfcocked them :).. Put marinade with chickens in vacuum bags and marinated under vacuum. Tried one chicken after 4 hours.

Cooked 400 for 40 minutes, but wasn't quite done, had a hard time getting breast and thigh done at the same time. Still tasted pretty darn good.

Let chicken two marinate for 24 hours (still under vacuum) and cut it into leg&thigh, wing, breast. 400 for 45 minutes, this time all done perfectly. Also enhanced flavor from longer soak.

Thanks for the recipe!

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