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I'll have a side of smoked habaneros please :)

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Gotta have a stash of smoked habaneros in the freezer; albeit a small stash today.    I've found mesquite is my favorite wood for the smoke session.   Normally mesquite isn't my go to wood for much but habaneros and mesquite are a match made in hot heaven :)



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7 hours ago, Aussie Ora said:

They look good what's the tongue factor L. M. Hot

Outback Kamado Bar and Grillemoji621.png

Smoking tames the heat ... for whatever reason I can't explain.   They're still hot but not 'rude hot'.   They're just so darn addicting!

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6 hours ago, tinyfish said:

Looks very good.

Do you freeze whole?

Yes, I freeze them on a parchment lined cake pan; although since there is almost no moisture in them the parchment paper liner isn't probably necessary. Then once frozen they go into a glass canning jar and vac sealed.   When I want one I just remove one from the jar, reseal and they hold in the freezer for a long time.  

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14 hours ago, dstr8 said:

Smoked habaneros added to homemade basil pesto (toasted pistachios are our favorite) ... 

Great minds - pillaged my basil plants yesterday and made a batch of pesto - with pistachios (my fav, too!) Didn't put any smoked peppers in it, but tons of garlic and cheese! 

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Start with just a small piece, maybe 1/8 of a pepper if your palate is mild to mild-medium.   You can always add more ;)

We started doing the smoked habanero and also smoked jalapeño in basil pesto almost 30-years ago and its just a wonderful combination.   I'm addicted to habanero's flavor and rarely venture into smoked jalapeño land anymore.

Also, mince the smoked habanero and add it to basic guacamole.   Just mashed avocados, a little salt, a spritz of fresh lime, a little pinch of freshly toasted ground cumin seed and the minced smoked habanero.  Addicting!


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