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Jon B.

Interesting Ceramic Cookware

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Have to admit the wife and I pack up and cover the bases too, with pots and pans and such. Just a friendly rib Basher regarding the cutlery. You know I find unique pieces in Antique and second hand stores, the hunt will always keep you alive. Some look with their fingers and find treasure online, I put my sneakers on and hope for the best. Old habits are hard too break...great site Toney, like them pots.

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On 1/12/2021 at 7:21 PM, jonj said:

Well, to tell the whole truth, we do this as well. Actually, we keep a separate suitcase fully packed with knife case (full of trip-only knives), assorted kitchen and grill tools, two pans, bar and wine stuff (including wine and champagne glasses), coffee stuff, etc. ready to go. 

Same here.  You mean some people go on holiday without taking their own gear with them? Weird...

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Hey @Basher.  I have a copy cat donabe shelf ala @Syzygies


I use black rice cooker the most, every other week.  The white steamer whenever I want to steam something and want to be reminded how beautiful donabes are.  The big donabe on the far left gets used for nice stock based winter meals and the soup and stew donabe on the far right hardly ever gets used which is a shame.  Note to self - reach for this when next making a stew. 

Our favourite recipe so far is this duck and tofu hot pot from the Donabe book I recommended earlier in this thread. 



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