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Fish in a Basket

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I have not rigged up my rotisserie yet but have been dying to use the flat rotisserie basket that I bought from @Keith OctoForks.  The basket depth is adjustable and so could imagine using it to hold and flip fiddly chipolata sausages and small, delicate fish like these red mullet.

5a5b8e4a7f751_z7Cj0VleRmK9b8j3vomJg.thumb.jpg.95c0bc76183cab8ae10eff412fbee6bd.jpgHere they are, ready to go and in the basket.

OrUdxiDvRjy50fVTwVzSpg.thumb.jpg.92ccb1bf29bb1dbcdf135c3e6ca50d4b.jpgAt the end of the cooking period I lowered them down directly above the coals to get a bit of blistering on the skin.


These peppers got a little bit closer earlier - they were actually cooked on the coals for ten minutes to get the skin black and ready to peal off.


Delicious Sunday lunch!  Did I say I was loving my KKs?


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13 hours ago, Bruce Pearson said:

Great looking meal I like that basket

Yeah, me too @Bruce Pearson, I thought of titling the post, "ad for flat basket".  I plan to use to for lots else. 

11 hours ago, tony b said:

Never seen your fish before, must be a local species that's not exported. 

Red mullet is really delicious.  I live near the sea and clear out our local fish market whenever they have some in.  

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