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1, 2, 3 Sourdough Method

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I came across an interesting formula and thought I’d pass it along. Pardon my French: 1, 2, 3 Sourdough Method

Where most bread formulas dial in a particular hydration, offer up precise weighings of ingredients, and require fussy technique, this method simplifies all of that. It starts with whatever starter you’re discarding at your next feeding (you DO have a starter, don’t you?), adding twice that weight in liquid, then three times that weight in whatever flours you choose, along with 2% of the flour weight in salt. Mix, ferment, proof, and bake by whatever method you choose. Unless you retard the fermentation, you will be ready to bake in 7-8 hours (depending on room temp, of course).

While artisan breads with precise formulas still win the day, this approach provides an easily remembered rule of thumb for just winging it with starter you’re discarding anyway. 

For example, this AM I took 150g of my starter, mixed with 300g of warm water and 450g of AP flour. I added 9g of salt after autolyse and proceeded to bake a couple of batards on my steam oven. Easy peasy.




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