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Jon B.

New Study On Red Meat Consumption

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Dig deeper, that article will be written by scientists who are paid by the international beef association, Teys Cargill, or some other related group.

Pretty solid evidence suggesting too much red meat is not good for you.

But doesn’t it taste good?

I took about 10kg of red meat to my mothers 70th birthday. She lives in a tree hugging community in Northern New South Wales. The community with lots of vegans who boo hoo meat eaters....... that 10kg was scoffed in the first 10 minutes.

I’ve never seen so many meat eating vegans before.

When asked, they mumbled something about iron deficiencies



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I think they were all living a disciplined life without meat in their house.

And when they were at a party, and had a few drinks............................... Cooked meat smells toooooo good, and tastes even better.

The disciplined waned.......... and they felt a little guilty about it.

Similar to reformed smokers, drinkers. Pretty typical human behaviour.

They had ALMOST forgotten how tasty meat is. lol

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