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    I love cooking(rather its meats, one dish meals,veggies or desserts)while learning to cook all on the grill is really great and I love to read and spend time with my family

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  1. I believe I could try to eat it... You got me with the sirracha mayo.. Yummy!!
  2. As I mention before, I don't like lime in food but yours looks good. Nice grill shot.
  3. You know its not only the food that puts weight on animals.. Once they are neutered, they gain lots of weight.. Our male, who we had neutered has gain lots of weight. He is not on the prow anymore so not much excercise.
  4. Great cook.. We rarely eat out far as Dinner.. 99% of the time, our meal is cook on the grill.. I think we may have gotten our money out of them by now... And the food is so much better than eating out.
  5. Great pic of the bear.. Love fried Komodo Chicken.
  6. Thank you Dennis. You have a stunning Mother. She just radiates beauty.
  7. I have refrain from posting til now cause I don't like lime in food only with the exception of homemade salsa. But... But I really enjoyed the chicken.. It was loaded with flavor with the saute onions and the carrots were very good and tender but not mushy. The Risotto was a bit to lime-me but the texture was perfect.. Exception of the lime flavor, I think this was his best Risotto to date. Over all, this was a Winner. Great job managing all your grills and burner like a pro.. Thanks for another great meal.
  8. Thank you for Serving Garvinque. After seeing how yall had to live there, makes us appreciate what we have here in America.Thank you
  9. Sorry just posting this. Spring is coming, so it is a great and easy Dessert. 1 9x13 pan 1 8oz cream cheese 1 16oz coolwhip 1 lg can blueberry compote (or homemade) 1 cup powder suger.. I realize I forgot to add this Just edited it.. (sorry) 1 stick butter 1 small pg cookies(I use gramcracker crumbs) Laura Loone cookies.. I couldn't find these cookies.. But use light crumbly cookies. Mix butter and cookies and press in a buttered dish. Bake 10 minutes. Let cool. Mix half of the coolwhip and the package of cream cheese and powder sugar. Layering: Pour the cream cheese over the Blueberries. Pour fruit compote over it. Add the rest of the coolwhip on top. Add cooke crumbs on top. Refrigerate for bout a hour.. *Warning - very sweet - but so good
  10. Nice pies Aussie... May have to try mango and the pineapple one... Sounds like it would be good with a cream cheese drizzle..
  11. Thank you Paul.
  12. Pack your bag to McKenzie. Coarse I love your cooking and Grilling too.. So maybe I could talk you in to sampling your great cooks.
  13. Thank you McKenzie. Glad I'm back to grilling.
  14. Thank you tonyb. I try not to let it. It still hurts, but life goes on right?!
  15. Thank you 4wood7.yep dont forget the proof of your enjoyment of grilling. We love pics.