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    I love cooking(rather its meats, one dish meals,veggies or desserts)while learning to cook all on the grill is really great and I love to read and spend time with my family

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  1. That look like a fine meal to me. Glad yall still enjoy the cranberry sauce.
  2. I finnally took the time to watch it, and I thought that this was a kewl idea. My favorite of motion was ms. Liberty picking up a watermelon out of the boat and the fish swimming around in the glass.They were all great. Im not a drinker ( but I love art of most kind) so after ckreef told me to look at the link.I was truly appreciative. alot of work went into making those. Very kewl.
  3. I think this post was a good one to read.... Hehe
  4. Lol.. I must have skip over post.. My bad. Ckreef laughing at me....
  5. Congrats HalfSmoke. The black looks great.
  6. Great meal. I 6th that on the dessert.
  7. Aussie you grilling like a pro.. That pizza is picture perfect.
  8. Love this sandwich.. Well I haven't had one.. But by the looks of it, I like. And homemade bread. Yummy.
  9. Never had anything like this, coarse I don't like beer or beer food, but I love sausages. Great dinner.
  10. Nice looking start to a great meal Aussie. Can't wait to see the crackle.
  11. Thanks. Another couple of months, I'm thinking, I get back to what I do best and love.
  12. Yes, I should be going back to work in a couple of days after all papers goes thru all the channels. So ready.
  13. The Doctor thought it was healing a little slow.. But he said everything looks really good.
  14. Yes it was.. Soon it will all be a memory. A nightmare but a well learned lesson.
  15. Absolutely. I'm so relieved to have gotten along this far.