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    I love cooking(rather its meats, one dish meals,veggies or desserts)while learning to cook all on the grill is really great and I love to read and spend time with my family

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  1. Thanks. Another couple of months, I'm thinking, I get back to what I do best and love.
  2. Yes, I should be going back to work in a couple of days after all papers goes thru all the channels. So ready.
  3. The Doctor thought it was healing a little slow.. But he said everything looks really good.
  4. Yes it was.. Soon it will all be a memory. A nightmare but a well learned lesson.
  5. Absolutely. I'm so relieved to have gotten along this far.
  6. Well I got good news to share.. The Doc put me on light duty.. Yeyyyyyy. He said tho.. Its not healed enough to try to bend the knuckle (on the finger) where the plate is still has a visible line.. So that means still have a fracture. So another month I will see him again.. So I do continue therapy only small movement on the tip and the big knuckle on top of hand.. Still I am not disappointed too much.. Cause I have came from being almost finger amputee to opening doors and handling light items. Thanks everyone for your get well wishes.. They were much needed. Thanks again Susan
  7. Thanks Aussie
  8. That is a monster of a grill. Congrats
  9. Thank you Garvinque
  10. Thank you MacKenzie
  11. Thank you Mr. Bruce
  12. Herb and Citrus Chicken I wanted to cook tonight for my family and I wanted something different.. I had Chicken. I want flavor.. So I found this recipe and it sounded so good. Had to try it. I got my grill temp up to 375* Ingredients for Chicken Mix all ingredients in dish. Place Citrus slices under and around. Cook for a hour. Chicken goes on the grill Citrus Chicken is done Ingredients for Skillet Apples and Biscuits *I used can biscuits , but you can use homemade. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar. Mix vanilla in Apples.set aside. Melt a stick of butter. Dip biscuits in butter and sprinkle cinnamon mix onto biscuits and place in greased skillet. Pour the rest of the butter over biscuits and sprinkle the rest of the cinnamon mix over the top. Cook at 375* for 1 hour. Dinner is ready Thanks for looking
  13. Thank you. I try to post that Irish Cheesecake recipe tomorrow. You would probably like it.
  14. I love when cake calls for sour cream.. Just makes it so much better to me. Thanks for the post.. I got another sweet I want to cook tomorrow, but def want to try this version of Cheesecake.
  15. Love this whole meal