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    I love cooking(rather its meats, one dish meals,veggies or desserts)while learning to cook all on the grill is really great and I love to read and spend time with my family

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  1. Thank you. Will sure to give it a try.
  2. Top of the morning @Aussie Ora. Great cook. Love to have the inside out Apple crumble recipe.. .. And the spider.. Well if it stays in it's space, I will stay in mine... Lol...
  3. Nice cook. Sky is beautiful.
  4. Those look really delicious.
  5. This was really good. I love when we have meat that is dredge in fruit. Probably one of my favorite ways to grill meat.. Especially Pork..
  6. And there will be loads of things you can grill and not enough time during football season to do it all. Lol
  7. I quess I am one of those folks that never seen whale before in there natural habitat, but maybe oneday. Beautiful pics you all posted.
  8. I can see why you can't wait. Nice cut of meat.. The meal sounds like a nice Sunday Dinner.. Cause meals like that on Sunday, calls for a Sunday nap.
  9. Love homemade salsa. Tomatoes are beautiful charred.
  10. Well its 90+ here in Georgia.. I think some ice cream is def in order. Lime is not not favorite on meats, but I do like it in desserts. Now I want to make ice cream. Beautiful in your silver cup.
  11. Can't go wrong with nice grill ribs.look good @Aussie Ora
  12. Congrats! Very nice grill.
  13. Glad the wind didn't make you loose your cook.. I can deal with more "normal" weather but wind. Never did like it. Growing up the wind sounded so scary. Great cook.
  14. Everything looks so yummy @Aussie Ora
  15. I believe I could try to eat it... You got me with the sirracha mayo.. Yummy!!