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    I love cooking(rather its meats, one dish meals,veggies or desserts)while learning to cook all on the grill is really great and I love to read and spend time with my family

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  1. I want to take minute to express my appreciation for all of your sweet condolences. It means alot to me. Continue to pray for us. I will share this pic with you all, which my baby girl sent it to me justabout 3 weeks ago before she got on the boat for a cruise with her husband. She will be truly missed❤️
  2. No @MacKenzie. It just landed there. And he sad down. Pecked at the bad and kept looking towards the grill. Lol
  3. He is looking toward the grills. Im thinking he wants me to grill him up something. Hope he doesn't want grill worms.. Or do they even eat them, ok might have to think about that.
  4. CK Reef Inspired Pasta Casserole

    Looks really great @MacKenzie. I'm a big Pasta fan. Love when ck cooks them. So good.
  5. Purple Crack Bacon

    Looks really good. Makes me want a blt..
  6. Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

    Is moose meat a strong, dry meat. Never had it before.. I believe tho I could dive into that ice-cream. Yummy
  7. Naan Bread

    Thank you @wayne romanowicz. I was thinking the same thing.. Thinking about mopping up some honey with it.
  8. Naan Bread

    Thank you @tony b... Yea, I think this is the way to go.
  9. Naan Bread

    Thank you @Bruce Pearson. I will get the recipe posted soon. This was a recipe posted by @Rak73. Made with yougurt. Its a very good one.
  10. Naan Bread

    Thank you @MacKenzie. My first time making these. Was a bit nervous.. But they turn out great.
  11. Great meal. Love Salmon.
  12. Naan Bread

    I cook some naan bread. This is Raks recipe. I used almost the exact recipe. I just cut the amount of yeast. Using the CI Pan was so easy. I didn't loose hardly any heat during my putting them in the pan, flipping them or getting them out. This will be our go to recepie and method of cooking for now on. They were chewy.. Love that. Also I used Ghee to grease the Pan. Worked Perfect.
  13. Ribs and dessert

    Thank you. Will sure to give it a try.
  14. Ribs and dessert

    Top of the morning @Aussie Ora. Great cook. Love to have the inside out Apple crumble recipe.. .. And the spider.. Well if it stays in it's space, I will stay in mine... Lol...