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    Pequod nailed it - that was the deciding factor for me. Big box scheduled to arrive tomorrow - my Ouija board unconsciousness is downright giddy...
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    In 1995, dawn of the internet, I heard that individuals authored web pages themselves, and gave it a try with something I knew. For a time this page was one of few in this niche. Coffee: Resources for home espresso Looking the page over now, I am most struck that I knew then about the idea of getting a home argon tank for preserving wine. I've also understood "scale" for a long time: There is a huge difference between producing steam for bread by pouring 350g of water onto 30 lbs of hot steel, and "oh my I'm cooking now!" spritzing 10g of water into the oven. People actually buy $300 argon wine systems that depend on cartridges the same size as mountain bikers use to fill one tire tube. As in manufacturers really think we're that clueless about scale. 350g of water turns into enough steam to replace the volume of a home oven or 23" KK several times over. 30 seconds of argon trickling from a tank that comes up to my knee will replace the volume of a 750ml wine bottle several times over. Doing less is kidding oneself. In both cases I can taste the difference. So why did I wait two decades to get home argon tanks for saving wine? It works. Any local Airgas can set one up easily. I'll never get those two decades back again. "Did you argon the wine?" has become a verb for us.
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    And I thought that I had an obsession with BBQ. I got nothing on you people.
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    The 32 gets the call more often than not. Mostly has to do with two zone flexibility with sufficient real estate in both zones. Otherwise, the 23 gets the call.
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    The difference between BBQ and espresso is that it is possible to make decent BBQ on a cheap grill. It may be more work, not be as fun, lacking features, and/or missing something (like moisture!) relative to a KK. But it can be done...we've all done it. With espresso...there is "meh"...Starbucks and cheap, low end espresso machines. And then there is..."Oh! I didn't know coffee could be that good!" To achieve the latter is a quest that requires 1) Good barista technique (yes, I watch them in coffee shops and note their mistakes), 2) Great beans (specialty roasters or roast your own), 3) A top of the line grinder with a perfectly dialed in grind, and 4) a suitable machine that can pull the profile you want. Getting those 4 in balance is exceptionally difficult to achieve without spending some cash. Obsessed? Not at all...
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    Lol I’ll take some haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mines probably from 1996 [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    All good mate, I’ve got a hot 50g worth lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Druggies look out Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    Opened it up and wow still fresh as quickly re sealed it lol Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    That is old school right there
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    I will be forced offline for 24 hours.. The providers are actually forced turn off all service. So no TV, internet or VOIP calls until Friday. Nyepi The day of silence across Bali The month of March brings Nyepi - the day of silence throughout the whole of Bali. In the Balinese lunar calendar (Saka), Nyepi is New Year's Day. It is a day wholly dedicated to rest, staying in, turning off the lights and keeping quiet for 24 hours. It is one of the biggest and most unique ceremonies of the year, where staying in and resting is enforced by law. It is practiced island-wide where the Balinese dedicate an entire day to introspection and spiritual cleansing. No businesses are open, no transport is allowed on the roads (except for emergency services) the airport even shuts down for 24 hours. Nyepi is a sacred day to give the island a break from 364 days of human activity, so Bali can replenish and recharge for the new year.
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    You should watch the Tool Time Tim routines to see real testosterone in action.
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    I'm down to my last couple of nickel bags.
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    Ha ha. That is soooo silly! Only a man....
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    That's where I want to be grilling at. Yea definitely needs a floating cooler tethered to the kamado table.
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