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  1. Looks great. I'd try the purple crack too!
  2. I have also done 4. I imagine in a pinch you could also put the heat deflector on the charcoal basket handles and use the lower grate....I have done this with ribs with fantastic results but they are a shorter cook.
  3. Interesting. I have heard supper and dinner used interchangibly, but I have never hears dinner and lunch used to mean the same meal before.
  4. Shuley


    Yes! I think pork chops have to be one of the most under rated proteins of all time!
  5. Those look amazing. But I am still in shock- does this mean you eat dinner at 2:30 PM?
  6. That steak looks pretty darned good to me. You could grind some over your steak after cooking if you were looking for a stronger flavor.
  7. Awesome. I am a fish lover. And snapper is delicious.
  8. That's a good price....too bad I still have some SRF left from my last order.....
  9. Shuley


    Thanks. Definitely a tasty dinner.
  10. Shuley


    They are super underrated.
  11. Yes. Taste a teeny piece first to get an idea of how much to apply.
  12. Shuley


    So among other things, I got two kurobuta pork chops and two sirloin steaks (black grade) from SRF as Christmas gifts from my husband. They were a little on the small side, so I knew I'd have to cook all 4 to get a decent meal for my family. Last night was the night. I made a sauce from dried cherries, wine, apple cider vinegar and orange juice for the pork and put a slice of blue cheese on the sirloin. My husband made spatzle for a side, and we had some good sauerkraut (Bubbies). My aunt makes her own, but this is a good replacement when I can't get that. Here are the pics those pork chops were amazing. While I still liked the sirloin steak, the star was definitely the pork chops. Sooooo good.
  13. Looks awesome. Rib cap is my favorite cut, hands down.
  14. Well your results look stellar. I have thought about trying them- but I just can't imagine using it often.
  15. ....smoke build up has never been an issue for me. I didnt know it ever became one. EDIT: I just realized this said COVERED patio. I totally see why that could become an issue. I live in an area with mild winters so I have no need to cover.
  16. I get rib cap from Costco fairly regularly. Well, I used to until SRF rib cap spoiled me. Still, it is insanely good.
  17. Shuley


    Yeah.... I've only won one so I dont have confidence get.
  18. Looks pretty dang good. I am not sure I have ever had stuffed shrimp.
  19. Dang that looks good. Way better than the chuck e cheese pizza I forced down today
  20. Do you use raw or cooked beet?
  21. Wow that looks good. Way better than the costco version
  22. I did 20 and they all fit on the main grate and cooked fairly quickly. The only problem was I threw a wood chunk in there so I was crying the whole time I was grilling!
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