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  1. I just love how happy you are in those pics. That is an awesome addition to your outdoor kitchen. Wish I lived closer to you so I could try a piece of what I know would be the best pizza ever.
  2. Shuley

    23 or 21

    So.... Back to the ABTs with champagne grapes..... How do you ensure that they don't pop while cooking?
  3. Wait ALL of it was eaten? You must have had starving guests.... That's a Tom of food!
  4. So glad to see you over here KK! The addiction only gets worse from here....
  5. Guuuuuhhhhhh I hate it when stuff like this comes out.
  6. That looks amazing. My local butcher carries both whole duck and duck breasts..... I sense a hankering coming on.
  7. That looks like an amazing meal. I recently made smoked meatballs for the first time..... Game changer
  8. I love hiking huli huli chicken. I have yet to actually spin it though.... Maybe soon.
  9. I never thought of spinning a pork chop. Awesome idea. And man, pork chops with apples are awesome.
  10. The only time I use the deflector anymore is when I'm using all three grates for low and slow, then I put the deflector on the charcoal basket handles because the meat on the lower grate is closer to the fire. Then everything is perfectly stable at the lower level as well. As for the spatchcocked turkey-I recommend checking it earlier than a traditional turkey. Mine tend to cook fast than I expect.
  11. Thanks all. I highly recommend trying these. It's quick and easy for a delicious flavors.
  12. So there's a taco challenge on the guru this month. This should be something easy for me because I live where there's a significantly dominant Hispanic population and something I eat and cook regularly. However, because it is something I am so "used to" I really struggled to come up with something that I had not tried before. Then I saw a recipe in my cooking magazine that marinated shrimp in Sriracha and broiled fresh pineapple. I decided I would try that along with a cilantro line cream, blue corn tortillas and grilled avacado on the side. This was a scrumptious and pretty easy dinner. I would definitely do this again. I also added more hot sauce... But forgot to take a picture. These were delicious. I highly recommend them for something a little, but not too different.
  13. What is the difference between a donaire and a gyro? Looks super tasty.
  14. I'd also heavily recommend trying a reverse sear. At that size, I would treat it like a mini roast.
  15. Personal, I like the grill floss.
  16. Shuley

    Wing party!

    Yeah. At work I was so excited this was happening and my co workers' response was....uncooked meat? Why are you excited? Lol. I knew you guys would get it.
  17. Shuley

    Wing party!

    Thank you and I feel extremely lucky!
  18. Shuley

    Wing party!

    I had never thought of mac salad as a sife before... Turned out to be a pretty great idea!
  19. Shuley

    Wing party!

    I am really happy about it! And your wings sound pretty awesome!
  20. Shuley

    Wing party!

    Ok, so it was just the family. But I was so excited that out local butcher opened a second location and it is literally within walking distance to my house. They had some fresh wings so I did three different sauces, bbq for my 4 year old non adventurous eater, and honey garlic wings and hot wings for the rest I'd us! Soooo good, my dry rub included purple crack and that made a big difference! And hawaiian mac salad was the perfect side!
  21. Ive never made pork burger, but one of my favorite burger restaurants makes a Vietnamese pork burger that I love.....maybe ill have to try making it.
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