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    I haven't had those in forever..... Mannnnn. Those look good!
  2. What they all said is true. It's funny because I know my vent settings by visuals but would struggle to describe them. Don't worry, it will all become second nature to you soon enough.
  3. Man... My condolences. My son had a severe milk allergy until he was about 3 and that was really hard. I hope you grow out of it?
  4. How did you go about bending the handles? Or did you not have to do that?
  5. There must be some slight variation between how the handles are angled. I'd prefer a bigger steel since my pizzas are almost always lopsided lol. But it would be a bummer to not fit in the upper rack. I think 17 inches might be close enough though.
  6. Congrats! And a 23 can hold ALOT of barbeque.
  7. I have yet to see hanger steak at my butcher.... Bummer because I hear it is quite the cut.
  8. Do you have a 23? I just took out a tape measure and it doesn't look like 18 inches would fit on the top rack because of the handles?
  9. How about steel in KK?
  10. So I'm really wanting to try out some pizzas on a pizza steel and would like the option to go from my oven to my 23 KK. Problem is, the pizza steels I see are square or rectangular in shape that would just barely be too large to fit on the top rack because of the handles. Are there any good pizza steel recommendations? Should I just stick to one in my oven? Or should I ask a guy I know who welds if he can cut a 14" piece of steel and give him a template?
  11. I went with the 23 and there has only been one time in 2 years that I wish I had just a teeny bit more space...... And I entertain fairly frequently for groups of 20+
  12. Wow. You ought to make comparison videos like how baby back maniac did..... Speaking of him, wonder what he is up to?
  13. I had shiso leaves for the first time wrapped around the tuna tartare and it was AMAZING
  14. Have you seen this one? Gigantic drive though LOL
  15. Thanks! And we did have a great time!
  16. I actually thought about batch making monitors, but I didn't have any rum LOL. And seeing as how I had already run to 4 stores I didn't feel like going again.
  17. Thank you! And that chocolate cake is devine! I had a request for the recipe the next morning and the day after than my other friend was inquiring about leftovers LOL
  18. I cooked about 250 and total coming time was 7.5 hours for brisket and 8 for the pork. The brisket was a little smaller than normal, 11 lbs before trimming. I flipped both at the 2 hour mark and wrapped and flipped again at the 4 hour mark when they were both close to 160. And they were cooked direct on the main grate.
  19. Thank you! 8 am particularly proud of my potato salad recipe because it is a Shuley original!
  20. Yes! I'm so excited that with the wrapping they both probed tender within 30 minutes of each other which help to streamline future cooks!
  21. Yeah, it was kind of weird forbidding people from bringing sides lol!
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