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Who has the oldest Komodo Kamado?

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On 5/6/2020 at 4:59 PM, tony b said:

As opposed to the infamous POSKs! 

Mine is only 8 years old. It was one of the first Gen II 23" KKs. There are others that still post on the Forum that have been hear longer than me. Doc (mguerra) and ThreeDJ16 both pre-date me by a few years. Robert (5698k) is about the same time as me. Maybe some of the real old timers are still out there, like @Sanny @primeats @Porkchop  @Majestik @Firemonkeyand @Fetzervalve. What about the "other" Tony - @tcoliver?

:::waving:::  I still have my pre-Dennis cooker (aka Mexi-K).  That MUST be more than 20 years, right?  I lost track of time.  The neighbor's tree fell on it and took off a tile or two on the legs, but otherwise it's intact.  Still has its Johnnyboy Jammies (cover) on it, although that's surely worse for wear.  The K doesn't get as much use as I'd like, though.  I'm just one person, and I just don't usually want to fire up the grill for a single burger or steak.  And forget about using an entire pork butt!  I KNOW supper would taste better, but, you know, inertia.  

When I fired it up a couple of years ago, the fireman from across the street came to investigate.  So much smoke, he figured that I was either electing a new Pope, or my house was on fire.  Turned out to be neither.  

And yes, I do still knit.  xo all!

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@Sanny - HEY YOU!! We haven't heard from you in ages. Glad to see that you're still around - alive and kicking! However, I am totally SHOCKED that your Mexi-K is still in one piece and functional. My Indo-K died over 8 years ago. 

I'm single too, but that doesn't stop me from using the KK several times a week, even if it's just a steak for me (like dinner last night) or a couple of chicken thighs. And you know that pulled pork freezes well, so no excuses there either (I TOTALLY get the inertia reference though - LOL!) 

Stick around, the current folks on here are just as nice and friendly as "back in the day!"

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I considered putting together a time lapse of a hundred pictures or so, but it wouldn't be very entertaining because my KK still looks pretty much like it did when new.  So I'll just leave these here.    There should be tons of even older pictures in my post history.

Tag number:



2013 (oldest picture I have on my phone):



Most recent picture:


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