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Best Invention Ever? Marbled Pork

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Lockdown has brought some great food discoveries.  Posh restaurants ship you cook at home kits.  I have only tried the one called Aktar at Home.  He is a Michelin star chef and his curry box is a thing of wonder - great taste, volume and value.  I tried his Argentinian meat box. It was fun not to have to prep for a BBQ and our favourite thing was the morcilla. I disappeared down a rabbit hole, trying to find more and came across this company: https://www.bascofinefoods.com

This haul  arrived a couple of weeks ago:


They are bits of an Iberico pig that I had never heard of/used.  Albanico, Pluma, Secreto. The only one I knew anything about were the baby back ribs.  And sooo fatty.  I looked up the Albanico online and found this cook: https://bbq-heroes.com/recipe/pork/amazing-iberico-abanico-sandwich/

We tried it out.  I cooked half of the albanico, first indirect and then smokily and satisfyingly on the lower grate.


Asparagus cooked while the pork was resting.

93C2F35A-6A2F-440A-A41F-7A2C6195BF6B.thumb.jpeg.9eb06be6126239bfebee3b926d9877d2.jpegSorry, no pix of the sandwich but here is the piggy sliced up. It was freakin’ delicious.


A missive from @tony b made me think “suya!” for the remaining half of the Albanico.  I took the easy route and cooked it indoors last night.  No char or smoke but The Husband still declared it the best suya meat ever.  That intramuscular fat just gave it such a great mouth feel and taste.  Marbled pork rocks.



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5 hours ago, C6Bill said:

That looks great !!!!!! I’ll have to visit that site 😁

The only trouble is, they probably only deliver in the UK.  That said, I am curious about whether you get these cuts of meat in Mexican supermarkets in the US.  That albanico tasted like the best rib meat, just without the bones.  I think these cuts will be ideal for juicy porky tacos.  To be continued…

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In the US, seek out the heritage breeds of pork, like red wattle, mule foot, black Swabian, Mangalitza. Similar to Waygu beef, these breeds have a much higher fat content than "the other white meat" that we bred our pigs to becoming back in the 80s to compete with "healthier" chicken in the supermarkets. BTW - "real" pork is red meat, not whitish pink!

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Cooked the secreto hot and fast yesterday.  Was a lot like skirt steak, on steroids.  Bought some more immediately.

Salt, pepper, a bit of garlic powder and a coating of chilli vinegar.


10 minutes in KK, flipping every 2 minutes. KK was not heat soaked.


Ate with chips, salad and a hot tomato sauce.  Delicious.  There is a Steve Raichlen recipe online that recommends romesco sauce. 



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