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Constructing a longer ramp for getting a 32BB up a couple stairs

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I’ve scheduled delivery of my KK for this coming Monday, and started to map out the route that I will have to take it to get it to the concrete pad in my back patio area. It’s relatively circuitous, going around the side of my house through a not-quite-flat yard to my side gate. From there it will have to go up two small steps in a row, before being rolled through a small flat mulch area and up one or two more low (but much more widely spaced) steps. 

For the initial roll through the grass, I plan to use the leapfrogging plywood method. But when I get to the two small steps, I think I will need a longer ramp than the pallet lid. Ideally I would place the ramp on the first step and it would allow the KK to roll from ground level up onto the second step. Has anyone constructed a longer ramp for a use case like this? If so, what materials and thicknesses did you use? 

I will almost certainly be doing the transport with the lid removed and with some helping hands, of course.

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Yes, I built a ramp for moving my 23" KK up the 8 steps in my house to get the KK from the garage to the deck where it lives now. I used 3/4" plywood. I made support brackets out of 2x2's for the top step, so the ramp was flush with the floor. The ramp itself lay on the steps for support. Because of the steepness/angle, it took 5 of us to push/pull it up the ramp (3 pulling with moving straps and 2 on the bottom pushing). And we took off the lid first to lighten the load. Your KK will be heavier than mine, but you don't have as difficult a ramp to navigate. 

Good luck and send pics!

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Thanks a lot Tony! Turns out a neighbor of mine has a set of utility ramps for a riding mower, so I’ll be borrowing those and maybe putting a sheet of plywood across them. I’m hoping that those, in conjunction with the pallet lid, should be enough to get the KK where it needs to go. I will absolutely be taking plenty of photos to post!

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