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The Pavillion

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This project began by saying to my wife, "wishful thinking" at least four times and then after she secured allies the pressure became too much... I finally relented to build.  Began about three weeks ago with a little help from my friends it finally came around to what my wife desired as a permanent structure as opposed to the 10x12  metal frame fabric wrapped Gazebo that had to be taken down and put up every year for the last 6 years. I figure if I live to 100 my time invested in this might be reached to some eqivalent, what the hell, it's just about done minus a few pieces here and there. So it's 16 x14 with 6x6  beams sunken down 3 1/2 feet in the corners, 2x6 rafters, and triple 2x6 beams all pressure treated for a long life and strength. The roof was prime 27mm steel gauge and it all encircled the old brick patio built 6 years back. The structure has possibilities for a great cooking area, it has a ridge cap above to release smoke and vent the pavillion, but alas it's destined for dining...pity. Aside from putting a drill through one my fingers the project went generally very smooth, it was a small drill and production never suffered. No industrial accidents here, I sure hope the food sure taste better under this beast. 







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16 hours ago, C6Bill said:

I want something just like that

Sweat and imagination C6Bill, that's all.  Thanks

6 hours ago, MacKenzie said:

That will keep you out of the elements

and a few others too. Thanks Mac

4 hours ago, tekobo said:

young man!

Remember the song Y-M-C-A and when it came out, I wish I could....and I'm not doing it again, "wishful thinking."  Thanks

2 hours ago, Cheesehead_Griller said:

better with a KK under it

Of course, getting it off my deck will take a bit of magic though. Thanks Cheesehead.  Oh, the other unit came in, I'll do a summary and comparision when things settle down, first impression is...it's not a KK but I do like it. In the pictures you might see a black Kamado on a steel cart in the background if your interested.

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On 5/16/2023 at 7:58 PM, Tyrus said:

Oh, the other unit came in, I'll do a summary and comparision when things settle down, first impression is...it's not a KK but I do like it. In the pictures you might see a black Kamado on a steel cart in the background if your interested.

Waiting to hear more....

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Because you asked Tekebo, how could I refuse you.  Well, the Kamado I purchased is called a Goldens, built or should I say forged in  Columbus Ga at their foundry which has been a family owned business since say, 1875. Obviously they haven't been producing Kamado's since that time but inclusive to their line of products today are cast iron kettle bells, weights, dumbells and large cast fire pits and more. Incidentally these pits were historically somehow used in the sugar cane industry and by some fashion rethought of as a fire pit . My kamado is all cast iron except for the box steel welded frame cart and the wooden grasp on the handle. The outer core is 3/4 inch  (19-20 mm)  with cast iron deflector, grates, firebox and splitter.  So I was intriqued, knowing the great heat retention cast pans have and transfering that into a kamado (which by the way is just about indestructable) gave rise to my interest leading to my purchase.

  You also have to realize as diehards and servants of the BBq, we all like to try out new things offering quality, purpose, and longevity and in so doing this kamado checked the boxes. My first light to seal the cast iron with oil was successful and easily shot above 500 thereafter. There's no overfiring this kamado and unlike the KK which keeps it's outer husk cool this gets very very hot at high temps. However I wasn't disuaded, this is an adult toy and most of my cooks are at lower temps. I found it relatively easy to adjust, maintain temp once dialed in like the KK but it does use more fuel..probably because of the heat loss through the cast as opposed to the KK's refractory. Cleaning the KK is much easier by simply pulling the basket, on the Golden's I fashioned a curved device and had to persuade the ash out, removing the fire basket with it's weight and tight fit is not an option you want to try. There are no tiles, it's polished cast with a good durable powder coat that hardens over a period of firings to protect against rust. It's mobile and weighs in at about 400lbs but it's actually not bad, it's easier to move than the KK given your working on a hard surface and it's center of gravity to it's height and wheel distance was well thought out.  I like the grates and the deflctor which are easily removable with a tool that came with the unit. The KK will run longer on a basket of coal, but this unit comes to temp quicker. The basket spiltter makes it a truer two zone because it reaches high enough to accomplish this better than my 23 KK.  It comes with a Tel tru thermometer grading to 900, larger than my 23 and easier to read.
   I noticed though on a cook that my beef ribs were cooking faster in appearence than what the temp alluded to. I was running at 250 on the gauge but the grate level stated 300 after I placed a probe on. Having the fire to close to the cast iron deflector made the grate temp hotter than what was reading at the dome. No problem, now I know. So the lid weighs about 126lbs, the spring assist makes this relatively easy to open however the KK' spring assist is superior. Since this is forged in two separate molds, there is no mistake in alignment... ever, it will open and close the same way tommorrow as ten years from now because of it's engineering and your seal remains true until the gasket has to be replaced from wear. It uses lump, charcoal briquettes or even wood if you ever chose to do so, you can even use lighter fluid, yes, say it isn't so. You can buy extra grates as an option and stack them for additioal height into the dome. The grates (two half moons) are reversible for searing steak. Yes, this kamado has some things you wouldn't be aware of, it does things differently but that's all solved pretty quickly knowing generally how kamado's work. It not as big as my 23, it's alike and unlike, the learning curve wasn't hard and food coming off is good. It'll last, and like the KK will be enjoyed by an hier just like our KK's. The KK with all it's features wins the race I have to say but this unit was 1/2 the price and it does the job well and up and running quicker.  This kamado won't win any beauty contests or have that allure from across a crowded street as the KK, but I like it. Now I'm hoping to place that beautiful table cover down Tekebo, you know the Italian beauty, the next project is a 9-10 foot table under the Pavillion, soon you will see, I haven't forgotten................................. excuse the pics, shot at night and the pollen is horrendous.






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When you said you had bought a kamado bbq but it was not a KK I was curious as to why and what you thought about it.  Thank you @Tyrus, for taking the time to explain.  I know that white hot heat of passion for a new toy and reaching to find that extra thing that will make your set up just perfect.  I will be interested to see what you think in 6 months to a year.  I for one have been very happy with my pizza oven and KK purchases but I still have not been able to really get into my Argentinian aka Santa Maria grill. And I don't use my konro nearly enough.  It will be interesting to see how you rank your toys after a while of using them all in rotation. 

Also keen to see the Italian job.  Spoils from the you and the GOAT beating me and my Eagles.  We shall fly again.  In the meantime we look forward to seeing the Italian table cloth take pride of place in the pavilion!

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