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Fatalii hot sauce

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After years wondering if I'd ever find fatalii peppers again, I stumbled on the mother lode at a new participant in my local farmers market. New batch of my favorite Caribbean hot sauce recipe. Garlic, onions, carrots, lime juice, rice vinegar, and more chile heat than many people can handle. Think habanero, only more heat and a more complex flavor.

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Sounds like a "Melinda's" clone recipe with the carrots. Dave Dewitt and Nancy Gerlach were the original folks publishing Chili Pepper Magazine and cookbooks. They are the ones that got me started on my hot sauce/pepper journey! 

I just started this year's batch of my aji pepper sauce, not seeing much fermentation happening yet, but it's only been a couple of days. 

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I’ve been tempted to climb down the pepper sauce rabbit hole. I also have a friend that makes chili crisp oil, another hot sauce I’ve been thinking about making. Many years ago we went to Belize and when departing the airport I came across “Marie Sharps” Pepper sauce and bought some. This has a carrot base and has very good flavor, I use it in many applications, like kicking up the flavor of my tartar sauce. When we do fish fry’s (like good Wisconsin folks like to do) I’ll bring out at least 6 different pepper sauces as a condiment. If you are into Pepper Sauces I would say give Marie Sharp’s a try. 


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On 11/13/2023 at 3:53 PM, Poochie said:

Chili crisp oil?

Here's a book with recipes and pairing suggestions, so many paths and possibility combinations. Invented in China during the late 70's or 80's by Jing Gao as a condiment, the product is still running strong. Oil is the carrier holding all the flavors together, the crisp essentially is your base filler with the chili flakes for the crunch. Many youtube video's to watch by simply typing in Chili crisp



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