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BB32 Rotisserie Basket Splitter

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Hi Folks,

I am considering ordering the rotisserie basket splitter for my BB32. I do quite a few spinning cooks and until now I have just pilled up the coals on either the front/back or left/right. I generally use the wire frame thing that clips on top of the charcoal basket (I think it is for the heat deflectors) to sit a cast iron frying pan full or potatoes  to catch the dripping.

I am tight on storage space, so before I pull the trigger on another accessory I wanted to get some input;

1) Would it still be possible to rest a pan under the protein while using the splitter? From photos it looks like it would be but wanted to confirm.

2) For those that have "upgraded" to the splitter, has it been worthwhile, vs just stacking coals on either side? I assume it would improve temp control?




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I have a basket splitter for my 23" KK. It doesn't stick up any higher than the basket rails, so there shouldn't be any interference with putting a pan under the rotisserie like you're currently doing. I'm making an assumption that it will be the same on the 32.

The advantage of the splitter is than it forces the airflow through the charcoal and doesn't allow a bypass, like when you just stack the coals off to one side in a regular basket. 

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