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David Chang


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36 minutes ago, DennisLinkletter said:

Favorite big City for food.
With a Thai wife, Bangkok is our second home..
We had a house just behind Queen Park next to the Emporium for many years.
So hard to cook there when little specialty kitchens are literally everywhere.

we were just at Empornium earlier tonight. bangkok is as crazy as ever, we were thinking of buying an apartment here a few years ago since we travel here so often, but it's just too crazy to live here, even part-time. i asked my wife he she wanted to go to bali for a week since we both never been there, but she loves thailand. oh well maybe next time..

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On 2/12/2024 at 6:48 PM, David Chang said:

when you come, be prepared to negotiate taxi/tuk tuk prices. nobody goes by the meter anymore. or use grab

Thanks- any specific food tips welcome, I was just planning to wander!

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11 hours ago, remi said:

Thanks- any specific food tips welcome, I was just planning to wander!

my google maps list of places to eat and massage. some are closed. some i haven’t been back to in years.


the weather now is really good by the way. warm but low humidity. its much comfortable than summertime.


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On 2/14/2024 at 6:15 AM, remi said:

Thanks- appreciate it!

ohif you plan on eating curry crab, look for it at early lunch. almost every place we went to for dinner expecting to order curry crab, they were sold out. 


i made the mistake of booking our hotel the same travel dates but next month. so my wife will come to bangkok again in march on me screwing up.. 😂




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