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Jon B.

This Has Never Happened Before and It Needs To Stop!

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Been fighting a sinus infection/head cold for a week now.  It is starting to get better, so we planned a nice meal for dinner last night.  Our favorite skirt steaks, seasoned & smoked with cherry wood.  Rice with fresh garlic, ginger and scallions along with mixed veggies.

Everything cooked perfectly and the timing was just right.  Put everything on the table and started to eat.  

About three bites into the meat....I realize....I can't taste a thing???   Not the seasoning or the nice cherry smoke flavor.  I can only feel the texture of the meat.  So then I try the rice......... thinking to my self that I should be able to at least taste the garlic & ginger.

Nope...........can't taste a thing.  I mean.........not one specific taste....Nothing!!!!!!!!

Stopped eating and told Redhead Sue, she could take my food for lunch today.

Started me thinking..........how horrible would it be it you could never taste your food.  :shock:

This infection/head cold needs to stop and go away ASAP!!!!!!!!!!! 


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4 minutes ago, MacKenzie said:

I hope you do get rid of that infection very soon.

Image result for hibiscus flowers images

This should help.:)

Image result for hibiscus flowers images

That made me laugh (and now I'm blowing my nose)

PS Everyone - Inside joke here......Mac knows I have a bunch of hibiscus plants

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So I remember hearing about some people who lost their sense of smell after using a nasal spray product so they couldn't really taste (just sweet, sour, spicy, etc.) but not any real flavors. That terrified me. I hate when I have a cold and can't really taste- I would go bonkers if that lasted forever. I'd probably just eat toast all the time lol. 

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Another way this can happen: Eating unlucky Chinese pine nuts.

"Pine Mouth" and Consumption of Pine Nuts

Ever heard of 'pine nut syndrome'? Neither had I, until I got it

Laurie and I poured out two expensive bottles of red wine, cursing our luck that two in a row were corked. Then we remembered the catered banquet we'd attended, with pine nuts in the salad. One could actually feel sorry for the caterers, as they operate on margins that don't leave room for addressing this issue. On the other hand, rejecting inconvenient information is a loathsome trait, when the welfare of others is involved.

One is playing roulette eating any pine nuts that cost less that $50/pound.

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I had a never ending sinus problem this winter, too! Went through 2 rounds of antibiotics over the course of 2 months. So I "feel your pain." 

If you remember the assassination attempt on Reagan back in the day. One of the side casualties was Jim Brady. He was a gourmet cook. His gunshot injury to his brain left him with almost no sense of smell or taste. I literally cried when I read that, as I could only imagine what life would be like, having such a passion for food and wine, and to have it taken away from you like that, through no fault of your own. Tragic! :smt022

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