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So what's on your KK for Memorial Day?

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Assuming you're in the US and celebrate Memorial Day, of course.

I have an Aukashi brisket from Heritage Foods that's been sitting in the freezer now thawed and ready to go. Planning on doing some German potato salad and Texas beans for sides, recipes courtesy of Meathead's Amazing Ribs site.

Do you have anything special planned? Let's hear about it! :)



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Sounds great we have a public holiday coming shortly foundation day .the day the Swan river colony was founded in Western Australia .o wait they changed it to Western Australia day .sorry if I offended anyone lol .care to share your potato salad recipe


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Current plans - smash burgers tonight (gotta break in my new cast iron griddle!), rotisserie chicken tomorrow (trying to find a way to integrate some Purple Crack into my marinade/injection to see if I can get purple meat!), Sunday is open right now (gotta pour beer with the homebrew club that afternoon, so may end up eating out), Monday - DNK, like Charles, I can't think that far ahead - LOL!!

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I did figure out tonight's dinner at about 5:00 pm while wondering around Publix on my way home from work. 

Apple sage pork Tenderloin in a DO. One night down.

I also  got 5 nice looking premium crab cakes. They'll  get cooked sometime this weekend. Maybe tomorrow I'll figure out memorial day dinner. 


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17 hours ago, Keith OctoForks said:

All I know is I want to make some home made potato salad.   What goes with that I have no idea! 


I'm partial to pairing it with ribs or pulled pork. Typically with a good homemade coleslaw (vinegar based dressing to avoid having too much mayo going on!) For brisket, it's drunken beans and coleslaw (this time with mayo dressing.)  Since we're sharing, here's my go-to slaw recipe (it's from the old POSK Forum, many years ago, and I still make it all the time!)

I use Napa or  Savoy  cabbage. I  like the texture  and sweetness it gives to the slaw.

Rinse off a head of Napa or Savoy cabbage, removing the outer leaves and discarding. Wrap it tightly and slice into about 1/4  inch thick ribbons.

For the  dressing:

  • 3/4 cup mayonnaise (Duke's is the best!)
  • 2T Balsamic Vinegar
  • 1T Rice wine  vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp Colemans dry mustard
  • 1T Sesame seed oil
  • 1/2 tsp white pepper
  • 1T white sugar
  • 2-3  cloves of garlic smashed  and  chopped

Whisk it all together in a large bowl. Add chopped cabbage by the hand full while stirring to incorporate it all together.

I also add a spice mixture called Zatar. It is popular in the middle east.  The main  ingredients of Zatar are thyme,  roasted  sesame  and  sumac.  Zatar  adds  a 
different  flavor  to  the  slaw  that no one  can figure out. It  goes  really  well  with  the pulled  pork  though. 

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@Keith OctoForks - :smt023:smt023

Did the Purple Crack chicken. The overnight rub of baking soda, kosher salt and Taz pepper berries did turn the skin purple. But, the Purple Crack mixed into the Butcher's BBQ injection didn't really turn the meat purple, as I'd hoped. Here's a snap of the purple skin. My dinner guest commented that it looked like it was bruised (beaten up) - LOL! Obviously didn't stay that way after cooking.


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