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Aussie Ora

Pulled lamb burger

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Got a lamb shoulder and gave it a clean upf2c0f73d462217cc1107c3514900db22.jpgused a bit of bush lamb for the seasoning cce3569bda7974d78f40fe7282164f07.jpghalf of it fell out of the bottle lol on it goes at 25087e8dff5b6d1bc32de35a44422ec437e.jpgwith some wine barrel chunks for smoke015ad46967fd340763c5392cd89cafac.jpglet the bark set for three hours1ffe01444901b108404c7ce94a050694.jpg my local butcher has started selling peach paper I like to use it for the rest as Ora retains the moisture so well I have not found the need to wrap but thought I would give it a go .clean up the grate17bcd79eed1f1a418bdefeb553c318d7.jpgready to wrap6c2b6feb11315964810f54f91d64f507.jpgand back on3d6f684aa301ec71f2009b39728004bc.jpggot my igrill mini set up7559849a31e4b0b0198f6527e8b572d8.jpgand waited till it hit 203 internal looks good to me0e23d183e2db204165a8535c51a27957.jpgb0277ce51b8c79e7ab64fd6cc638c2d7.jpg
 got some buns ready0e1b7dc2885ae9f13726fb70ec164082.jpgadded some lambf3c168654ca6f860881ede298b0c4404.jpggave them a bit of kakadu plumf90e9204250d465414ba6f9fc37ba37a.jpgthen some saladae142f6d10d33994ffab7e408beea707.jpgcould not help myself lol55ab3f513211044a15bcf3194ee737e5.jpgready to god317f98756652b33066c83b310c89c07.jpg

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